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TBA Plastové obaly, optimising visibily abroad

Hana Pavlovičová – Sales Manager

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TBA Plastové obaly is a dynamic manufacturing and trading company positioned amongst the major suppliers of transport, handling and storage containers. Our priority and main objective is to design and make use of plastic packaging whilst optimizing the benefit – cost ratio. With our excellent location in the middle of the Czech Republic and our extensive experience in logistics we can manage very complex logistic requirements and ensure a quality distribution of our products.


  • Stable, respected and reputable supplier in the industrial packaging industry
  • Constant service improvement
  • Continuous employee training
  • Attend at least one specialized trade fair per year
  • Comply with all relevant Czech and European Union laws ruling our business activities and company development

We spoke to Hana Pavlovičová, sales manager of TBA Plastové obaly, to share her views on how advertising always pays off when one turns to specialists like EUROPAGES and wlw.

Tell us a little about the history of TBA Plastové obaly – How did you become such a successful company?

Our company was founded in 2007 with the aim to become a reliable supplier for all companies who want to buy logistic equipment for their production, warehouses, workshops and offices with minimal costs. The founders worked adamantly for the company name to be associated with terms such as high quality, willingness and flexibility. Thanks to a proactive solution to customer demands, the company quickly gained the popularity of many customers in its home country as well as worldwide. TBA Plastové obaly is now a modern, dynamic and engaged manufacturer of plastic packaging for all industrial fields. We are an excellent choice for all those who prefer a good value / price ratio.

What kind of products do you offer?

The most popular products in our catalogue are euro containers for transport, handling and storage. We also produce canisters.

What do your customers particularly like about TBA Plastové obaly?

Our customers are companies operating in food, engineering, automotive, technical and consumer industries. We constantly strive to fully satisfy the customer’s requirements, no matter what the request. Our strengths are communication and delivery flexibility. We focus on taking care of our customers directly and on a human level, from big organizations to individual consumers.

What role do the European and international markets have on your business growth?

The European and international markets are indispensable when talking about gaining experience, innovation inspiration, growth and development etc. The Czech market is relatively small and for our company to grow, it is therefore primordial to reach customers at European or international levels.

What is your vision for global growth?

Global growth requires a clear and strategic vision, we are currently working on strengthening our team and marketing instruments to be prepared for an even wider penetration of the international market. This vision along with our g ood value / price ratio, we believe that our offer is adapted to meeting the growing needs of clients worldwide.

What was the reason for having a company profile on Visable (EUROPAGES & “Wer liefert was”)?

The reasons are very simple, we want to make the most of marketing opportunities to optimize our visibility to companies abroad and develop sales opportunities. Our profile on EUROPAGES is translated into 15 languages, therefore potential clients can send us their request for quotes in their home language. Our “Wer liefert was” profile is more targeted, because it attracts buyers in our most important target markets – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Has your presence on Visable (EUROPAGES/wlw) been successful and what was your return on investment?

Nowadays, in the tangle of information and online marketing possibilities, good visibility through advertising is most important for our company’s success. Thanks to EUROPAGES/wlw we have received many international inquiries, supporting our strategy to increase sales on a global level. Their teams have guided us step by step to optimizing our online visibility.

Would you recommend Visable?

Definitely yes.

What advice would you give ambitious Tchekoslovakian companies wanting to export?

Be hungry for information and self-improvement, do not be afraid to invest in well-targeted marketing actions, turn to specialists such as EUROPAGES and wlw. Advertising always pays off.

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Thanks to EUROPAGES/wlw we have received many international inquiries, supporting our strategy to increase sales on a global level. TBA Plastové obaly is an excellent choice for all those who prefer a good value / price ratio.

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