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Mr Dussaubat, CEO

How would you define your activity?

We manufacture corks for wines and spirits. We have been in operation since 1980. We work on products that use high-end and luxury packaging. We are known throughout the world, and our customers are highly varied.

Who are your customers then?

Mostly large groups like LVMH, Courvoisier, Ricard, Camus… But not exclusively. We also work with SMEs and small-scale producers.

How do you go about promoting your activity?

We are present both online and in the field. Thanks to EUROPAGES, we receive lots of requests for documentation and quotes on our own website. You do a lot for us in that respect. Our website represents an all-important shop window that complements are promotional activities in the field. As we are located near to Cognac, prospecting is fairly easy because most of our customers are local. Having said that, we are also present in Portugal.

Which promotional activities offer you the best return?

Well, we don’t do must statistical research, but EUROPAGES has helped us to improve our Internet positioning, and has brought us plenty of new contacts.

Which geographic areas would you like to reach?

At present, we already have customers in Armenia and Georgia. We would like to further our development in Eastern European countries, for example in Russia for the vodka market.

What proportion of your revenue is obtained through export?

Approximately 5%.

What could we do to further improve EUROPAGES?

We get lots of visits to our site via EUROPAGES, and you have improved its referencing. You could communicate more regarding this aspect of your service.


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