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Cheik BELMOUMENE, Director

What does your activity entail?

We transport goods by air, sea or across land. We have customers from around the globe, but Europe – and especially France – is where most of our activity is concentrated.

Who are your customers?

70% of our customers are businesses. We still work with private individuals, even if, as you are no doubt aware, this side of the activity is much less profitable. Deliveries to private individuals are considerably less cost-effective in terms of volume and regularity. That is why we try to limit these types of delivery, without completely abandoning them of course.

I don’t know whether the term “export” applies in your case, but what proportion do overseas customers account for in your customer portfolio?

I would say 15% of our customers are from overseas. That leaves the other 85% who are French. But just because most of our customers are French, that doesn’t mean that we work exclusively on French soil. We often transport goods from the other side of the globe to one of our French customer’s branches.

And what are your geographic development objectives?

In the past few months, we have focused a great deal on Africa, in particular the Maghreb. The fact that the Maghreb countries are French-speaking facilitates access for a company like ours. We are also turning our attention to the Eastern European countries. Poland definitely represents a market to be tapped into. We are in the midst of a thought process in this respect…

How would you define your competitive edge?

As our name suggests in French, we rapidly pack and transport goods. I think our track record in this trade best demonstrates the quality of our services. Our notoriety and our long-standing activity were not achieved by chance. Our customers are aware of this. Those who are satisfied often spread the word.

That brings me to ask: how do you go about promoting your activity?

We rely on Europages and on our website for our online promotion. There was a time when we used the Yellow Pages a great deal, but that is no longer the case. Nobody looks in the Yellow Pages any more, at least not in the B2B world. Europages represents an excellent vector for our promotion among professionals. They find us by running a keyword search on Google, and certainly not in the Yellow Pages. Our keyword referencing on Europages is what makes our listing worthwhile. And then, beyond all these online tools, word of mouth is still the best form of promotion, especially when you have been around for over 20 years like us. We have made a name for ourselves, and for us, that bears testimony to our quality.

What could Europages do to help you acquire more new customers? And what improvements could be made to help you obtain more online contacts?

For the time being, I don’t see any way of further improving our growth, not even in Africa and Eastern Europe. Maybe we could translate our ad into Arabic or Polish, but it’s still early days. Right now, what we expect of Europages above all is to continue improving our referencing so that prospective customers can find us if they come looking, either in French or English.


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