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Pierre Lauret

Pompes Japy

Pierre Lauret, Director

How would you define your activity?

We manufacture hand-operated pumps for transferring liquids, mainly hydrocarbons.

Who are your customers?

We have three main types of customers: major manufacturers, integrators and, occasionally, private individuals. We usually work with this last category when there is a problem with the local network. Our core business is industrial supply.

Are any of your customers from abroad?

Exports account for 16% of our sales. This rate reaches 40% when we include indirect exports. We work throughout the world, but we are particularly active in Africa: Gabon, Ivory Coast, the Congo and Cameroon. We also work in the Maghreb, but to a lesser extent. Lastly, we have a handful of customers in Madagascar and Reunion Island. We are now turning our attention to South America and Asia.

How does EUROPAGES help your activity?

EUROPAGES is doubly important for us: for optimising our referencing, and for the multilingual portal it offers. While our website is available in French, English, Spanish and German, EUROPAGES offers us a further ten languages. This is clearly an important factor for boosting our online recognition. I am unable to say exactly how many contacts we get via EUROPAGES each month, or how many of them become customers, but I am aware that our listing is very useful. Google also plays a very important role for us.

What is the most effective means of promoting your online activity?

Google, without a doubt. Statistically, this is what works best. I should point out that we haven’t purchased any keywords, not yet at least. However, our own keywords are optimised every day in order to stay ahead. I’m not talking about Ad Words here; this is a slightly different service called SEO, used to optimise our referencing. This is the first thing you have to invest in if you want to exist online. After that comes EUROPAGES.

Do you use any offline methods of promotion?

Yes. We recently participated in a trade fair in Gabon. The results have been interesting. Also, we sometimes promote our activity in catalogues or in the specialised press. However, we are aware that today, the best returns on investment come from our website, which represents our shop window, and then from our referencing. Third on the list is EUROPAGES, which underpins the first two…

According to our statistics, more than 5000 visitors reached your site via EUROPAGES between January and May 2012.

Our site receives between 8000 and 9000 visits a month. Your statistics imply that 15 to 20% of them come via our E*Page. If that’s right, then it’s a good rate and we are delighted with it.

E*Page: Pompes Japy

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