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Florent Ardouin

Nicoll Raccords Plastiques

Florent Ardouin, Communications Manager

How would you describe your activity?

Nicoll is first and foremost a French industrialist with over 50 years’ experience in water management. We manufacture products made from synthetic materials for construction and public works. Two of Nicoll’s historic product lines are drainage fittings and gutters. We have since innovated to develop other products such as shower and floor drains, sanitary waste outlets, roofline products, drainage channels… to mention but a few.

Who are your customers?

With our diverse areas of activity (Construction, Sanitary and Environment), we are sought out by professionals working in various building trades – plumbers, masons, roofers and so on, publics works firms, not forgetting distributors who resell our products, and key influencers who recommend them in their various undertakings.

How do you go about promoting your activity, online or in the field?

We promote our activity via these two complementary channels, namely in the field and on the Internet. Our sales force plays a key role in this area; we have more than 80 representative working in the field. They travel the country visiting our three main targets (key influencers, traders and businesses) to inform, advise and guide them with their daily issues. We also promote our products online. We decided to invest in the Internet back in 2001, and it has proved to be a real success; beyond communicating on our products, the Internet has come to represent a veritable business channel for our company. Potential projects that come about via this channel are qualified then transferred to our sales team, which takes over to try and close the deal.

What are your online activities?

Internally, we have our own corporate website and 11 product-specific sites dedicated to specific areas. Externally, we promote our activity in the specialised media, such as in “Batiactu” or “Batiproduits”. Our EUROPAGES listing is another component of our promotion, the difference being that it brings us international visibility. This is an important factor in our view.

Are you satisfied with EUROPAGES?

We are satisfied with the international visibility EUROPAGES brings us. At the moment, our internal resources do not allow us to benefit from any considerable visibility overseas. In addition, we have neither the financial nor human resources to deploy an international strategy in the field.

However, thanks to EUROPAGES, we are already referenced on the search engines in various other languages. This visibility represents a first step in our export strategy and enhances our international presence. While EUROPAGES only brings us a limited number of direct contacts, it lays the foundations for our overseas development in the long term.

What proportion of your revenue is obtained through export?

Between 15 and 20%. We would like to see that figure increase. For now, our sales force does not have sufficient weight for any major developments. Also, there would be no point investing in online communication overseas if we were unable to deal with orders locally; you need one to do the other.

Which parts of the world do you have your sights set on?

Eastern Europe will be one of our key targets. Concerning our development strategy for the years to come, we will obviously also be targeting markets in which we already have subsidiaries, such as Greece, Italy and Belgium.

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