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Olivier Tapin


Olivier Tapin, Director

Please give me a thumbnail sketch of your business

We have two activities at MULTIDIFFUSION… We manufacture luggage labels, recyclable PVC pockets and also distribute marketing objects to firms in the tourism sector, primarily travel agencies.

Who are your customers?

We only sell to the trade. Our business customers are mainly travel agencies, and also events management companies, dispensing chemists, local institutions and associations.

How do you promote your business?

Our marketing activities are based around our website and our presence on EUROPAGES. Additionally we organise special promotional operations in conjunction with events on some of our customers’ premises. Lastly we occasionally sent our customers printed brochures.

That means you don’t have a field sales force

Quite right. We consider that we are more effective by correspondence, especially via Internet. We can operate like this because we can rely on our product quality and stick to the agreed deadlines.

How would you define your competitive edge?

First of all, as I’ve just explained, it’s the quality of our products. We have a reputation for that in the market. Secondly, our competitive edge is based on our capacity to manufacture and deliver to reasonable lead times. We commit to short deadlines for consumables. Our customers need to be able to rely on a supplier who is as responsive as we are.

Is EUROPAGES a good marketing tool?

I should say so. EUROPAGES is not just a good marketing tool, more to the point it is a good tool for creating web traffic. The number of visitors to our site has risen from 3800 to 6000 per month. We presume that part of this increased traffic can be attributed to EUROPAGES. Natural indexing must also be responsible, but signing up with EUROPAGES can’t be dismissed from the picture.

Have you had messages from future customers via your E*Page?

That’s for sure, but I wouldn’t be able to put a figure to them. I’m just aware that I frequently get requests via the EUROPAGES site.

Do you have customers abroad?

Yes. The vast majority of our foreign customers are French-speakers from Switzerland and Belgium. So we communicate with them in French most of the time. Sometimes we speak English to the Flemish, but that’s relatively seldom. Hence our website is just in French.

Could you suggest the improvements you’d like from EUROPAGES in the near future?

We’d like the EUROPAGES reporting and statistics systems to be updated more frequently, be easy to access and in particular include information on the most popular keywords in our sector. The Top 10 keywords would be perfect for gearing our online action. We would welcome having that data every three or four months, to improve our strategic choices.

Have you already purchased keywords?

Yes, absolutely, but not from Google AdWords. That is because MULTIDIFFUSION is already known by our customers. We are banking on increasing our collaboration with EUROPAGES to get ourselves known by all the players in the various tourism trades.

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