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Mermet S.A.S

Caroline Moreau, Marketing Manager

Please give me a thumbnail sketch of your business

We manufacture technical and decorative solar protection fabric. The fabric is then installed in roller blind mechanisms. So our products are sometimes destined for service sector buildings and also for the residential and hotel sectors.

How would you define your competitive edge?

We have one of the most extensive ranges on the market, with a vast choice of fabrics, colourways and widths. Our strengths are the quality and advanced technology of the composition of our fabrics.

How do you promote your business?

Our two weapons are our field sales force and our website. Then we also use a number of direct marketing techniques. We are listed on dedicated platforms such as “Bâti-produits”, and on the EUROPAGES site, of course. Our direct marketing campaigns take the form of e-mail mailshots that are sent out to a hefty mailing list of architects more or less all over Europe. Lastly, we take out a stand every three years at the “R+T” trade fair for doors, gates and roller shutters at Stuttgart, Germany. The last one was held in February this year. This contrasts with our press advertising expenditure that we are reducing as nowadays we prefer to improve our targeting of prospects, primarily on the Web, instead of dispersing our advertising without the certainty of reaching the most qualified prospects…

Why are you with EUROPAGES?

The main reason is because of the traffic EUROPAGES brings to our website. We monitor the figures on Google Analytics and Track Flow also provides us with traffic data. We are very satisfied because we have French and foreign visitors thanks to you. Our website is in four languages – French, English, Spanish and German, and thanks to EUROPAGES, we come up in the search engines in many more than these four languages.

What proportion of your sales comes from exports?

Exports account for 75% of our sales. Thus it is of great benefit to us to have the EUROPAGES translations as they open up new horizons for us…

What improvements would you like to see in EUROPAGES?

Our website goes into extensive details on our products’ technical features. So it would be quite pointless to replicate our content in other sites. The way EUROPAGES could improve, but I don’t know how they would set about it, would by qualifying its visitors. We regularly get requests for quotes transmitted via EUROPAGES from people who are poorly informed about our activities. We need quotations to come via blind manufacturers if we are to supply a finished product. But instead many visitors who come to our E*Page contact us without realising that. Consequently we are often hard-pushed to provide a response to those requests for quotes.

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