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MCM Emballages

Morgan Balaa, Marketing Manager

Could you describe your activity to us?

We distribute glass packaging for preserving food.

Who are your customers?

They vary tremendously. We sell our products to as many private individuals as we do to the trade and manufacturers. Our online sales site enables us to reach a high number of individuals. Furthermore we sell from the lorry-load to the single carton. Namely we supply our customers with goods that may be as few as a single item to a full shipment… Thus we can meet the needs of a great variety of customer profiles.

How do you promote your business?

Most of our promotional activities are rolled out on the Web. However we should point out that we often exhibit at fairs. We use our website for online sale – it’s our showcase. Our customers find us through the Internet.

Do you purchase keywords so that it’s easier to find you on the Internet?

In the past we were Google AdWords customers. At that time we wanted to get a good position in the search engine results pages, but we gave up investing in keywords some time ago, because we are totally satisfied by the indexing we get through EUROPAGES.

Have new customers come your way through us?

Of course… I couldn’t tell you exactly how many, but yes there have been new customers. We’re generally satisfied with the service, both in terms of the contacts obtained and the indexing.

Do you have customers abroad?

Yes, they account for about 15–20% of our sales. We are banking on EUROPAGES to strengthen our presence in Europe. No doubt, the translation of our E*Page will be useful in that respect.

Could fairs be useful to you for achieving these aims?

Not particularly, because the fairs take place in France. So our online actions will be crucial!

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