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Michel Halter

Maison Halter

Michel Halter, Director

How would you describe your activity?

I am an antiques dealer specialised in old and ethnic jewellery. I also sometimes sell small objects such as headdresses. The main consideration with my products is their age. Our market is what you could call a “niche within a niche”. The company is designed much like an international platform. We have a shop in Brussels and an online shop. Our deliveries are made by Fedex and secure payment.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are private individuals, and occasionally collectors. Most of the time, they are European, usually from outside Belgium. In fact, we primarily target international customers. That’s why we have translated our website into six languages. And our E*Page on EUROPAGES is translated into 13 languages! That’s no bad thing when you consider that in Brussels – European capital and home to NATO’s headquarters – there are 151 nationalities. That explains why we target a customer base as diverse and international as possible.

How do you go about promoting your activity?

We have our EUROPAGES listing, our own website and a page on Facebook. As far as promotion in the field goes, we participate in two trade fairs a year. This is where we get the chance to meet collectors who no longer tend to visit antiques shops. Also, I often invite customers to little aperitif events at the shop whenever I make some interesting finds. These events are a good occasion for meeting customers and doing business.

What does EUROPAGES bring you at present?

We are listed with EUROPAGES to improve our online presence. In that respect, we are satisfied with your service. However, given that we target private individuals, EUROPAGES is merely a shop window for us. We do not seek to attract attention from other businesses; our goal is to reach private individuals.

What could EUROPAGES do to improve its services regarding your activity?

There is a page on our site called “My Lucky Finds” with the latest objects found. I would like to see these products regularly updated on our EUROPAGES E*Page. That would give us two shop windows: our website and our E*Page. That would be perfect. A good communication strategy needs to be dynamic and updatable; promoting our products is the cornerstone of this strategy.

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