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Christelle LEPROVOST, Sales Director

How would you describe your activity?

We are transport commission agents, which means that we transport goods by air, sea and sometimes across land.

How do you go about promoting your activity?

The Internet is the main vehicle for our promotional activity. Our website and our E*Page on Europages represent the two main vectors of our strategy. While we still do standard paper mailings from time to time, we have completely abandoned trade fairs simply because there are not enough of us; our company only employs a staff of eight. And also because we are unable to justify leaving our office for this purpose.

Where do your customers come from?

Mainly from Africa. Most of the time, our customers are looking to transport goods from Europe to Africa. They buy these goods in France. We work almost exclusively with Africa. I would say that this gives us a competitive edge. While we very rarely work within French borders, we do handle what we call a “road case” once in a while, in other words, transporting goods within France by road.

Are you satisfied with your ROI from Europages?

Yes, although I don’t think we have signed any contracts directly via Europages. However, we receive lots of requests for quotes. In that respect, Europages gives us a good level of visibility.

Where do your contacts established via Europages come from?

Again, mostly from Africa.

Is there anything you would suggest to improve Europages?

I am very happy with Europages. I fail to see what could be done to improve your site. The idea of including videos on the E*Page is an excellent idea. This is something that could be further developed. However, our own corporate website has plenty of room for improvement, and while we have lots of ideas, we are rather short on time.

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