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Christian HORN, Export Manager

How would you describe your activity?

We manufacture all sorts of recycled products for industrial use. For example, we produce recycled plastic, in particular to fashion it into pallets for industry. We also manufacture rubble bags from recycled materials, both for the general public and for industrial use, as well as green waste bags. In addition to our wide range of bags and pallets, we offer a variety of lawn and ground protection mats for worksite vehicles and for outdoor concerts and events.

What is your competitive advantage?

The price!

What else?

The price is already a very important factor, especially when you consider that we manufacture our products only using high-quality materials. It’s quite simple: our products cost one third the price of products that use non-recycled materials.

How do you go about promoting your activity?

We are active on the Internet and have been listed on Europages for several years. We get plenty of returns from Europages. In addition, we continue to do direct mailing campaigns, even though it is no longer very up-to-the-minute.

On recycled paper, naturally?

Yes of course! But sooner or later, paper mailings are going to disappear, even using recycled paper. We are increasingly focused on digital.

Do you know how many returns you obtain through Europages?

Roughly three or four a week.

Where do they come from?

It’s very unpredictable; they might come from China just as they might from Germany. Europages gives us access to the whole world.

What benefits does Europages bring you in terms of referencing?

I wouldn’t know, I’m no expert in the matter. What I do know is that without our Europages listing, we would never have obtained all these customers from around the globe!

Are you satisfied with your ROI from Europages?

Yes, it accounts for 15 to 20% of our revenue; that’s a considerable share of our activity. We are obviously very satisfied with this result.

Thank you. In that case, is there anything Europages could do to improve its service?

Ideally, I would like more publicity on Euronews. Other than that, I have one suggestion: I think a Europages i-Pad application would be an excellent idea. The i-Pad is the way forward!

Where do the customers that you would like to target via Europages come from?

Mostly from Africa. That’s the market we are currently targeting!


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