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Chapiteaux Ringenbach

Mickaël Ringenbach, Marketing Manager

How would you define your activity?

We manufacture made-to-measure festival tents and marquees. The fact that we work on a tailor-made basis represents our competitive edge, in particular considering that we don’t charge extra for this service.

Who are your customers?

We mainly work with professionals and associations. Lately however, we are making more and more marquees for private individuals. This trend is no doubt due to the fact that people no longer want to go to the supermarket to buy low-end products that will only last one season. When private individuals want a shelter for their car or a marquee for their summer kitchen, they come to us directly. The quality of our products means that they can leave them assembled in their garden all year round.

How do you go about promoting your activity?

We do a lot of promotion by phone and in the field, but very little online. We rarely use the Internet, at least for actual sales. The fact that our website is an e-commerce site is almost incidental. We rely on EUROPAGES above all to ensure that our site is well referenced. While we are perfectly satisfied with our listing in that respect, I’m not sure you could actually call this promotion. That aside, our main promotional tool is still word of mouth. This is even our preferred tool! Whenever anyone comes to us based on a recommendation from a friend, we no longer need to convince them or even really inform them of the quality of our products. Word of mouth brings in customers who are already sufficiently convinced to buy their marquee from us.

Has EUROPAGES brought you any new contacts or even any new customers?

Absolutely. Thanks to EUROPAGES, we have received contacts from a number of professionals and local authorities. We also meet these two customer categories at trade fairs.

How often do you participate in trade fairs?

Well, seeing as we are a small company and that we are having to deal with an increasing number of orders, we no longer really have the time to go to trade fairs. Next year, it’s quite possible that we will stop doing them altogether.

Are any of your customers from abroad?

Most of our customers are from France, however we do sometimes export to other European countries and to Africa.

Are you counting on EUROPAGES to help you develop your export activity?

EUROPAGES represents an excellent showcase for our company. In addition, prospects from all over Europe already contact us via our E*Page. Via Google’s statistics system, we can see that our site gets between 100 and 300 visits a month in the high season thanks to EUROPAGES. So in terms of both the number of hits and of referencing, we are satisfied.

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