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Gilles LAZARE, Director

How would you describe your activity?

We transport people via functional vehicles, in particular saloon cars but also coaches with between 20 and 60 seats. Our core business is the carriage of passengers. Most of the time, we transport them at the request of companies in connection with an event. Our passengers are often journalists, or sometimes customers or VIPs. Generally speaking, we collect them at the airport or at railway stations in Paris, and then take them to the site of the event. Later in the day, when they have finished their activities, we collect them again to take them either to their hotel, or back to the airport or railway station.

Who are your customers?

Private companies.

How do you go about promoting your activity?

Word of mouth first and foremost. Lots of our customers pass on our details to others. The subsidiaries we work with give our details to various contacts who then get in touch us at our headquarters. Sometimes, our customers also recommend us to their partners or even to their sponsors. We also implement a business development strategy by targeting customers with whom we would like to work, either by phone, mail or the Internet. Lastly, we keep track of events that may be of interest to us.

How does EUROPAGES help you to develop your activity?

As I said, we rarely need to do any actual promotion of our own; our customers tend to come to us. And often this is thanks to EUROPAGES – your site brings us a certain visibility and even a certain notoriety. Our website attracts more attention thanks to you. Every day, we receive requests for quotes from potential customers. Roughly half of these requests come from EUROPAGES. The remainder are either direct or from visitors to our website. However, it's hard to say whether or not it was EUROPAGES that directed them to our site...

Has your EUROPAGES listing led to any concrete business yet?

Yes, a number of times, in particular two years ago owing to an exceptional climatic event. You will remember when the volcano in Iceland erupted. Well, thousands of people who were trying to get back to Spain and Italy were blocked throughout the world. Lots of them became our customers. With air travel out of the question, we provided them with transport – by road – to their final destination.

Are you pleased with your ROI?

Yes, very pleased. So much so that we avoid talking about it to our competitors, in case they get any bright ideas…

Can you tell us about your prospects for development?

We plan to develop our activity towards Luxembourg, where chauffeur-driven hire cars are relatively few and far between. For the moment, I'm not sure exactly how EUROPAGES can help us with this. It's something we are looking into internally.

Are there any improvements to EUROPAGES you could suggest?

EUROPAGES needs to attain a level of recognition on a par with Yellow Pages. For now, the only people who know about EUROPAGES are referencing specialists. I think that's what needs to be changed. If you were known by the general public, or even simply by professionals at large, the effects of a listing would be greatly increased.