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Matthieu SCRIVAT


Matthieu SCRIVAT, Director

Could you describe your business for me?

We are the company removals specialists. We operate in three different areas: handling, transportation and storage. We transport a very special type of goods, insofar as they are heavy, fragile and valuable.

What is your competitive edge?

We are specialists, and are known as such. Our clients describe us to others as highly capable in handling of heavy and delicate goods. This is a fairly uncommon speciality. Our know-how in this field is common knowledge and we have succeeded in making ourselves indispensable.

How do you promote your business? How do you make your prospects aware of the exact nature of your speciality?

We are highly specialised, and also effective enough in carrying out our work for our clients to become our ambassadors. With this rather simple combination, the information circulates by itself. We get a lot of incoming calls. In addition to word of mouth, the fact that our name and emblem are on our lorries also plays a large role in the visibility and promotion of our brand. The general public knows our Pegasus emblem. It is so easily recognisable that it is impossible to question its effect on our reputation. Our personnel also wear a uniform in our colours. Our online activities are the typical ones: we have a website and are listed in EUROPAGES.

What is your most profitable promotional activity?

I think that the majority of the incoming calls that we receive are first and foremost the result of our offline activities: the brand-marking of our lorries, and word-of-mouth. Our online presence is the final touch, which means a client who needs to transport something heavy and delicate can reach us immediately. As a result, simple brand-marking, which only requires a small investment, seems to me to be the most effective and most advantageous promotional activity for us.

What are your development objectives? What markets are you now targeting?

We would like to take on the medical and aeronautical equipment transport market, and that of transporting artworks.

Do you count on EUROPAGES to expand in these fields?

Of course. There is no such thing as insignificant savings: if we did not consider that EUROPAGES could bring us new clients and help us to expand, we would unsubscribe immediately.

Have you already had new clients thanks to EUROPAGES?

I do not know for sure… but I hope so! It was your ambitious ranking policy that encouraged us to subscribe to EUROPAGES. I do not know our website's traffic statistics by heart, but I know that a majority of web users touching down on our website come from EUROPAGES.

What is your foreign client share?

We have very few at present, but hope to have many more. For this insignificant fraction (of the order of 5%, at the most) to increase, we will have to make potential foreign clients aware of us. EUROPAGES is the first stage in this development strategy. We are targeting Europe first of all: neighbouring countries, to which it would be easy to transport artworks and heavy, valuable and delicate equipment by road. Later, we would like to establish ourselves in the Near East. To do so, we plan to translate our advert into a number of languages, including Arabic. Translating our website into the same languages is also part of our plans. But that will come later. EUROPAGES is the first stage for maximising our international visibility.