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Laurence CAILLER


Laurence CAILLER, Sales manager

What does your business involve?

We market conventional, certified "organic" and "fair trade" natural vanilla in all its forms: beans, powder. At the moment, we are tackling a new market: spice production. 70% of our turnover is from exports.

Which countries do you export to? Do you count on EUROPAGES to find your future customers abroad?

The United States of America is our primary export zone, the second is Japan and, in third place, we export to Europe, Northern Europe in particular. We count a great deal on EUROPAGES to carry on expanding in all these zones.

How many contacts have you obtained through EUROPAGES?

I couldn't say exactly how many customers we have obtained thanks to you.  I have to confess that we are constantly contacted by suppliers who find us on EUROPAGES and try to sell us their services or products. From this standpoint, EUROPAGES and Kompass have the same problem.

How do you promote your business besides through EUROPAGES?

We use our website and, more and more often, go to trade fairs. From this point of view, you could consider that we are going against the trend, but nothing beats direct contact with the customer. For this reason, I am absolutely convinced that trade fairs are, for us, the most advantageous promotional activity. And in actual fact, I go to them myself, whether they are in France or abroad.

Do you get a better ROI with your online or offline promotional activities?

My market is structured in a very unusual way, and trade fairs - so, offline - are still the most lucrative activity. But it is important to understand that this state of affairs, contrary to current trends, is explained by the unusual nature of our market, 80% of which is geared towards industry. The mergers and takeovers that have happened recently have considerably limited the number of players in the market. We already know these key accounts. However, the other 10% are smaller players, who we have to meet, or risk losing new customers. Nothing beats a meeting in the flesh at a trade fair. It is much more worthwhile to meet a few slightly smaller players, and describe our products to them face-to-face, than it is to invest in online or offline marketing campaigns.

What are your online promotional activities?

We updated our site just six months ago. Our contact form now works really well. It is very simple:  people make contact practically every day. However, we do not conduct any Google AdWords campaigns because they are very expensive, and we are well ranked in any case. We do not, therefore, have any need to undertake any more online promotional campaigns.

Are you satisfied with what EUROPAGES brings you at present?

Generally speaking, I am satisfied with EUROPAGES, even if I think we could have a lot more people making contact through your site.

What improvements could help you meet more foreign customers?

Translating our EUROPAGES E*Page into other languages could help us, but I manage all our promotional activities by myself, and I don't speak all the languages that our advert is currently translated into.