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Share your expertise on the Europages blog! Write an article and send it to us. See our submission guidelines.


Your article should be original and must not have been published previously. In addition, you agree not to publish this article elsewhere on the Web. However, you can publish an excerpt of it.

The subjects that interest Europages visitors concern export in the broad sense. Visitors prefer concise, practical content which they can subsequently act upon.

These subjects essentially fall into two categories:

  • Export business sectors: business opportunities by country, attractiveness, analyses concerning supply and demand, best practices, legislation, support, emerging markets, etc.
  • International digital marketing: case studies, best practices, advice, tools and solutions, etc.


  • Title

A title with no more than ten words, including your keyword.

  • Introduction

An introduction of 4–5 lines that reiterates your keyword and that encourages the visitor to read on.

  • Body of the article

A text in French or English comprising 400–700 words written in a narrative, easily-understandable style that avoids the use of overly technical terms. The information in your article must be dealt with matter-of-factly and in a manner that is useful for the reader, who should learn something new by reading it.

To develop your ideas, give preference to lists of points/bulleted lists rather than long paragraphs.

Leave out your opinions. Formulate a point of view and/or a stance. Use hyperlinks to studies, facts or your own data to underpin your arguments. Refer to a concrete example, a case study, a success story, etc.

The article is not intended to acclaim your latest product or service. However, it should broach issues with which potential users of your products/services are confronted. You should thus avoid explicitly promoting your company or its solutions; a “signature” paragraph can be used for this purpose (see below).

  • Signature

This is a text presenting your activities with a hyperlink to your website, blog, social media page, etc. We do not accept signatures containing prices, special offers, discounts, etc. We do not publish e-mail addresses in clear text to protect you against spam.

  • Image

If you have a suitable image that you would like to include to illustrate your article, attach it to your article. We do not publish any logos or trade names. Format: gif, jpeg, 600×420 pixels.

The benefits for you

Every month, articles published on the Europages blog are read by thousands of professionals throughout the world, 80% of whom are European. Your article will benefit from an English- or French-speaking audience, as is the case. In addition, it will be relayed by the social media platforms on which Europages is present: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Interested? To submit your guest post to us, Contact us

We will read it and, if necessary, contact you to make any adjustments.

Here is a sample article in French by Istrium

3 Responses to “Welcome to guest posts!”

  1. Cocarb

    Dear Sir/Mrs,

    Cocarb is specialized in producing high quality activated carbon and carbon filters. We have got long combined experience in carbonized charcoal industry. In our activated carbon factory our carbonized charcoal products are made from naturally grown coconut shells, fruit stones and other sustainable eco-friendly sources. The advantages of activated carbon made from these natural sources are well known as they have a tighter micro-pore structure, which differs from traditional coal based products.

    We always welcome your
    enquiries and feedback.

    Cordozasvinget 6,
    2680 Solrød Strand
    + 45 56204040

  2. Daelyn swan

    Please consider this mail as important and require your acknowledgement. Currently, we are organizing World Congress on Preventive Oncology (Preventive Oncology 2017) during July 20-21, 2017 in Chicago, USA. We sincerely intended to convey our conference Agenda in the Cancer Department, university. If possible, provide the contact information so that we will send the conference agenda with program details and make further follow up.

    Note: Preventive Oncology 2017 is an annual congress hosting presentations from more than 30 countries and 100 organizations.

    Attendees Benefits:
    Certificate Accreditation by the International Organizing Committee (IOCM)
    Abstracts will be published in conference souvenir & World journals
    Group Discounts Available!
    Please feel free to contact me for further queries.
    Looking Forward to hearing from you

    With Best Wishes,
    Program Co-coordinator
    Preventive Oncology 2017
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