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According to Google BrandLab, video now accounts for 74% of Internet traffic, mostly via mobile devices, with YouTube the most widely used platform. All of which makes video a key tool in your company’s digital marketing mix strategy.

The power of video. Video traffic figures are constantly increasing. According to, in the US, the time spent watching video increased by 195% between 2011 and 2015, and the number of clips viewed went from 171 million to 213 million between 2012 and 2016. This growth is not about to stop: forecasts anticipate a threefold increase in video traffic between 2015 and 2020. In terms of marketing, the advantage with video ties in with its high conversion rates. According to, one third of merchants have increased their conversion rate by 91% thanks to video. And this figure reaches a staggering 500% when the video clips are personalised. Video clips lasting less than 30 seconds have a conversion rate that is markedly higher than longer clips.

YouTube, a powerful media platform. According to a Google Adwords workshop, YouTube is a powerful media platform that covers all targets: men and women alike of all ages (especially 35-49 year-olds). An individual spends an average 3 hours 18 minutes each month watching videos on YouTube, with an average duration of 2 minutes 31 seconds per clip. In France, with an audience of 29.7 million visitors each month, YouTube covers 66.8% of the online population. YouTube is France’s second-biggest site in terms of pure media audience, and the second search engine behind Google. The platform is now the undisputed leader among video sites, with 2.4 billion videos viewed each month.

Sharing on social networks. In the years to come, video will represent the main type of content shared on social networks. According to Facebook forecasts, 90% of its content will be video in 2018. YouTube, meanwhile, sees its traffic increase by 50% each year. Another bonus with the YouTube platform is that its videos can easily be integrated in other media vehicles (third party sites, blogs and social media platforms). Upshot: 15% of YouTube videos are viewed from outside the platform.

So for all those with a Europages premium account, remember to include your videos into your listing if you want to increase visibility among your suppliers and/or your customers!

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