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Business-to-Business marketing strategies are an essential step for growth. Whether you are a small business looking to reach further, or an established business looking to make new connections into new industries, eventually you need to move into email marketing. B2B email marketing works on three levels: bigger sales deals, digital word of mouth, and a symbiotic relationship. You reach out to bigger companies, ensuring bigger sales, these companies talk about you, and you may provide services to one another, helping you grow.

Business-to-Business marketing strategies are an essential step for growth. Whether you are a small business looking to reach further, or an established business looking to make new connections into new industries, eventually you need to move into email marketing.

B2B email marketing works on three levels: bigger sales deals, digital word of mouth, and a symbiotic relationship. You reach out to bigger companies, ensuring bigger sales, these companies talk about you, and you may provide services to one another, helping you grow.

Email marketing is a natural solution, but it can be difficult to navigate. Here are some helpful tips to keep your emails focused:

  1. Make a connection
    You may be selling yourself, but are you selling your B2B relationship? There is, in fact, a difference. You don’t want to be like the late night advert, shouting “buy buy buy!” at your prospects. “You want to tell them all the benefits that a good relationship with your company will bring. And be honest about what you get out of the deal too! Transparency is a must in this day and age”, – explains Robin Renaud, an Email Marketer at Bestaustralianwriters and Studydemic writer.
  1. Consider real B2B prospects
    If you’re selling rattan furniture, you may not have a reason to build a relationship with a kennels booking service. But you might have a deal with a physical kennels, where you could provide seating for their waiting rooms or outdoor space. Think about business deals that mean something to you both, and only contact companies that would seriously consider your business.
  1. Make sure it’s neat and attractive
    There are plenty of tools for customizing and tidying your emails, so there’s no excuse for not having a professional looking email! Email formatting guides like Academadvisor and Essayroo can really elevate your email design, keeping you up to speed.
  1. Add a personal touch
    It may seem easy to just write up an email template and send the same one out to everyone. But if you don’t want to end up in spam folders and being deleted, you want to address the recipient, or their company, directly. Short emails may all look alike, but you don’t want to send the same thing everyone else is sending. Use Ukwritings to make sure your email doesn’t trip up any plagiarism tools. That personal touch is a great way to let them know you considered them personally, and didn’t just pull their name off a listings website.
  1. Stamp out mistakes
    Many email services already have spellcheckers, but bad grammar can let you down just as much. For better grammar, try using Viawriting. This could make the difference between someone taking your email seriously, and not.
  1. Keep it brief
    Nobody wants to read an entire essay. Try and keep your email brief, to the point, and edited thoroughly, so that clients can skim read through it. Editing tools like Academized can help make sure that everything is accurate. And Mywritingway can help you monitor words, characters, and spaces, to make sure your email is the right length.
  1. Stop watching meaningless statistics
    Unless all your income comes from ad revenue, click through and page views don’t matter. It may feel great to say “80% of people who opened the email clicked through!” But if they only clicked through because you said you had shocking news for them, then what does it matter?Instead of looking at raw figures like click through and page views, focus on how many people open your email, how many people reply to it, and how many sales or other deals you get for each click. Your email subject makes the difference between clicks and no clicks. Try using Bigassignments and Oxessays to work out a catchy, relevant subject. These are statistics that actually tell you if your strategy is working. Which leads us to our next point…
  1. Test your campaigns
    You could just use a model that worked for another business. But what if it doesn’t work for you?You could roll out a huge campaign across all prospects. But what if it puts people off?Instead, try out your new campaigns on a small cluster of clients at first. Even better, start by presenting them to friends and family. And use a survey style website to compile reactions. All the big companies do this: They have a focus group of consumers who they ask about everything to do with their new campaign, design, and products. So test, test, test before you go big.
  1. Follow up on connections
    The work doesn’t end when the email is sent! You can’t just sit around waiting for someone to get back to you. Maybe they missed the email, or maybe they were busy. A week or two later, get back to them and ask whether they are interested, or if they would like to know more. Don’t follow up more often than once every 1-4 weeks, but definitely follow up!

If you’re looking at branching out and creating a B2B email strategy, the key take-away message is that you need to be present. Too many businesses see B2B emailing as a “dump it and wait” approach, which is not constructive. You need to work out a mutually beneficial business relationship with other businesses, talk to them on a personal level, and stay in touch, if you want the biggest returns for your strategy.


Freddie Tubbs is an email marketing strategist at Paper Fellows. He regularly takes part in online marketing conferences and contributes articles to Writemyaustralia and Assignment help blogs.


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