Posted on: 29 September 2016 By: Ray

Microsoft LinkedIn

The purchase of digital social network LinkedIn, familiar to most professionals as a job-networking pioneer, by Microsoft (MS), the unavoidable computer giant with its operating system and “Office” software package, for $26.2 billion last June, was its biggest acquisition to date.

Software and digital networking

This was exciting news for anyone using Microsoft systems and involved in human resources – basically anyone in the private sector! The prospect of the systems most businesses use for text, figures, presentations and often email and web browsing, linking up with one of the pioneering most popular job and human resource digital network, could not leave us uninterested.

As of its 1st quarter 2016 results, LinkedIn’s cumulative members grew 19% to 433 million. Unique visiting members grew 9% to an average of 106 million members a month (source). They say “On the enterprise side, we continue to build out the comprehensiveness of our content library to meet the growing demand from our corporate customers” and see “strengthening the foundation for continued growth across our diverse enterprise offerings”.

This has just given birth to its first joint product, LinkedIn Learning, announced 22 September in San Francisco.

Digitizing small and medium business to business trade

What will this do to the digitization of medium business’ trade between each other?

As well as launching its online education platform, LinkedIn revealed plans to soon roll out a newly redesigned desktop, news feed, messaging service, and bots (source).

According to Digital Trends, it hopes to get users to use it for more than “just a place to polish up your digital resume. Instead, it wants you to spend more leisure time procrastinating on its site, the way you would on Twitter and Facebook” (Source).

Microsoft’s role in business development is obviously huge, and its products targeted at businesses consequently sizeable, including in the field of human resources. But we have yet to see how the popular job-hunting network will truly tie-in with the office software standard.

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Coverage of the MS-LinkedIn merger & acquisition :

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