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Pandemic, lockdown, recession, these words have marked the daily life of most of the world for several weeks, and probably for several more weeks to come. In this unprecedented situation, you have two options: do nothing and wait for things to get back to normal, or take the lead and seize the new opportunities it creates. Together, let’s see how to face this ordeal and come out of it stronger.

Why not wait for a return to normal?

Many people feel that the habits of before the confinement will never be fully restored. Most companies have had to implement new ways of working quickly, often using digital tools to avoid shutting down completely. Currently, about 8 million people are working from home, which is 7 times more than usual.

Those companies that have gone digital are unlikely to go backwards and will continue to develop these new tools to make the most of them.
Adapting today will therefore not only make it easier for you to pass this test, but will also allow you to be ready for the changes to come.


Digitization to meet the trend

As we have pointed out, the biggest impact of the Covid-19 crisis is massive digitization. For individuals and companies alike, the Internet is becoming the solution to many problems. Real opportunities are available online as long as you, too, take the digital leap.


Increase your visibility on the Interne

Global Internet traffic has increased by 70% since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis. This trend is driven by individuals and businesses. In addition to developing new collaboration tools for their teams, companies are using the Internet to respond to supply issues in particular.

Developing a website, making a place for themselves on social networks, opening a YouTube channel… increasing brand awareness on the Internet can be done in different ways.

Are you already using these tools? Maybe it’s time to review your strategy to improve your position on the Internet and gain visibility. Being listed on a supplier directory such as EUROPAGES is also an opportunity not to be neglected in this context.


Adopting new sales tools

Digital can allow you to communicate, but also to sell. If you can’t send sales representatives to companies, why not develop video sales or demonstration videos with an online catalogue?
For digital tools, screen sharing or video tutorials can be formidable tools to activate distance selling.

If these tools are particularly useful in times of confinement, they can still be used after circulation reopens to offer your products to buyers located further away. This will allow you to develop new markets.


Broaden your offer or think more local

The crisis the world is going through today is an opportunity to think your business differently. You can take a new turn by developing new markets.


Going international

Lockdown and shutting down much of the economy can have a severe impact on your business. However, the economy is not at a standstill in all countries. You can use this period of calm to expand your business into new locations. In the short term, this can maintain profitability. In the medium and long term, your business will develop thanks to these new markets.


Seize local opportunities

Delivery difficulties, concern about the multiplication of intermediaries, the need for transparency… Nowadays, consumers and businesses are relying more on a local level, which can generate new opportunities right on your doorstep. Staying in touch with the local trend is therefore essential to respond to needs and seize these possible opportunities.


Communicating with your buyers


Accompanying their customers

These are difficult times for companies, but the world is already looking forward to recovering from the Covid-19 outbreak. As a supplier, you need to reassure your buyers of your ability to meet demand when it is needed. You need to anticipate and implement solutions to respond to a strong recovery as companies will want to make up for lost time. Letting your buyers and prospects know that you have the solutions for what comes next is crucial to attracting new demand when the recovery takes off.


Demonstrating transparency

Consumers express the need for more transparency in business communication. As a supplier, being transparent with your buyers is therefore a must. The more information your buyers have, the more transparent they can be towards their customers. You will thus gain the confidence of your buyers, as much as they will gain the confidence of their customers.


Even in a sluggish economy, there are always opportunities to be seized. Adopting a new strategy, a new dynamic that addresses the concerns of end customers is always beneficial. A test of the magnitude the world is facing today is not without consequences, and taking the lead will allow you to better bounce back by responding to new needs and behaviours.


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