Posted on: 12 February 2014 By: TeamEuropages


A spanish company handles lucrative job situation and pretends to be working for Europages. This is simply not true, and probably a scam.

First, there was only one email. A spanish person was inquiring about a job situation that we were supposed to be handling. Then came two more messages, and then a dozen. Nowadays, Europages’ inbox is full of requests from people who wish to get more information concerning this offer. We have to admit the situation is pretty attractive : 600 euros per month for 5 hours of work a day. The only problem is that Europages is not recruiting. At all.

Moreover, the company that issued this job offer is shady, to say the least. Everything comes from a spanish-speaking Facebook page called « trabajo de ensombrado ». This facebook page has been created very recently, in january 2014. The company behind it claims to be Eurospain, a name that we have never heard of. Surprisingly enough, Eurospain is located in Paris, and not in Spain. We could access some of the emails that people send to and received from this company ; it doesn’t look good.

Every information that Eurospain gives about itself is wrong. It claims to be located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, 18 avenue Bourdonnais, close to the « south park » near the Eiffel Tower. The avenue de Bourdonnais is not located in the 1st arrondissement, and the « south park » is in fact called the Champ-de-Mars ; no parisian or french-speaking person would give it another name. Eurospain doesn’t answer on the phone either, and their phone machine speaks… english. All these discrepancies indicate that Eurospain most likely doesn’t even exist.

What should I do ?

As for every internet scam, you have limited means to punish the scammers. We can only urge you to immediately report the Facebook page :



Our team is currently examining the legal response that we should bring to Eurospain. In the meantime, don’t forget to always double check the generous offers that you might receive from companies you don’t know, wether they want to hire you or to sell you products !

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