Posted on: 12 July 2013 By: TeamEuropages


2013 is already well underway, but there is still plenty of time to review the work accomplished in 2012. Here is a look back at a resolutely B2B year.

Europages continues to expand – the figures speak for themselves! 2013 started with all the lights on green, and with our teams ready to face the challenges that awaited.

First and foremost, 2012 was the year in which our site attracted 150,000 visitors a day; a total

56.9 million professionals used the site over the year. Europages has also tripled the number of free registrations in three years. This figure owes much to the excellent visibility of our customer’s E*Pages: 83% of traffic comes from search engines, with Google at the top of the list. We are delighted to observe that our customers can easily be found on the Internet!

With 78% of European visitors, our audience is still mainly focused on the world’s biggest trading zone. And yet, the map is changing slowly but surely, with a considerable increase in traffic from Asia (up 13%) and Africa (up 24%). This represents a new deal that must not be neglected…

A ROI that continues to grow

However, the most encouraging news is without doubt the excellent results… of the companies listed on Europages. In 2012, the number of pages seen increased by 10%, and on average, our customers received twice as many emails as in 2011. On average, visitors clicked on 13% more links to the sites of listed companies, while the number of searches performed on increased by

11 million compared with 2011, reaching a total 91.4 million searches in 2012.

Still not convinced? Register your company for free see what Europages can do for you.

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