Posted on: 3 January 2017 By: Ray


US-based marketing advisory firm Consilium Global Business Advisors published a White Paper on marketing overseas in January 2012 which contains useful advice for American firms seeking to improve their sales abroad.

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Posted on: 11 December 2016 By: Ray


Recent news of research and discoveries in the field of mental and physical health in high-tech companies have shown the disadvantages of open-plan offices for IT developer and programmer staff, the advantages of good health insurance plans including well-being programmes, in high tech companies, and the benefits of working on professional premises instead of at home.

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Posted on: 5 December 2016 By: Ray

In an article of December 1, entitled “Five Disruptions to Marketing, Part 1: Digital Transformation” (Blog edited by Scott Brinker since 2008) explains some of the processes underway in the digital business world. In this first part of a series, the author deals with “Digital transformation” which redefines marketing beyond the marketing department. The article concludes we may see a “democratization” of marketing throughout companies, just as we saw the “democratization” of the use of information technologies.

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Posted on: 25 November 2016 By: TeamEuropages

mobile friendly design europages

In today’s environment where online searches are increasingly performed using mobile devices, EUROPAGES has developed a mobile version of all the content of the businesses listed on its site: there is now a mobile-friendly version of the E*Pages and Product Pages in 26 languages. Read on.

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Posted on: 20 November 2016 By: Ray


For first time in Lisbon 6-9 November the 2016 Web Summit was held in the Portuguese capital instead of Dublin, Ireland. “Europe’s largest technology marketplace” claims to have attracted more than 53 000 attendees, 7000 CEOs, 15 000 companies from 166 countries. Amazon, Cisco, Facebook, General Electric, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, Twitter, were all major participants.

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Posted on: 14 November 2016 By: Ray


« E-export » was one of the two main topics of the 2nd International SME Forum in France, organized from 14 June by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and attended by some 400 small and medium-sized businesses. The event highlighted the strengths and weaknesses in France in terms of e-export. In October, another series of events was organized to introduce a group of digital technology start-ups to potential clients in China.

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Posted on: 28 October 2016 By: Ray


Engineering360 has published its 2016 edition of “The Industrial Buy Cycle” this October. It looks extensively at how engineers buy goods and services worldwide, including from business to business on the internet. The study is concise (19p.), well written, clear and matter of fact, well illustrated with apposite understandable graphed data.

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