Posted on: 3 November 2014 By: TeamEuropages

german flag

With more than 82 million inhabitants, the German market is the biggest in Europe. Representing Europe’s number 1 economy, and number 4 in the world behind the US, China and Japan, Germany is the world’s leader in such sectors as the environment, machine tools, energy, and agri-food, among others. 10 industry sectors presently offer excellent opportunities for going into business on the German market.

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Posted on: 20 October 2014 By: TeamEuropages


In terms of foreign trade, Italy, Europe’s fourth economic power, is smiling again having notched up a trade surplus of €30.4 billion in 2013, or 1.9% of GDP. France remains a leading partner for this country (as its second-biggest customer and second-biggest supplier), behind Germany. 5 business sectors offer excellent opportunities for expanding into the Italian market.

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Posted on: 2 July 2014 By: TeamEuropages

Site corporate

Top to bottom, EUROPAGES has worked hard to rearrange its corporate website. It’s now officially online, with a completely different look and feel !

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Posted on: 3 June 2014 By: TeamEuropages


Over the last year, EUROPAGES has produced a dozen of infographics assessing the strength, weaknesses and the most popular products in given economic sectors. So, are you exporting the right products ? Let’s find out.

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Posted on: 2 April 2014 By: TeamEuropages


With its vast array of marketing solutions, including direct marketing, display, and general exposure, you might loose sight of all the improvements Europages can provide to your business. That’s why we summed it all up in one short video.

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Posted on: 14 October 2013 By: TeamEuropages

no phishing

As many customers of big companies (banks, insurance companies, electricity suppliers, etc.), Europages’ customers are the target of internet scammer willing to obtain their passwords and personal information.

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