Posted on: 2 July 2014 By: TeamEuropages

Site corporate

Top to bottom, EUROPAGES has worked hard to rearrange its corporate website. It’s now officially online, with a completely different look and feel !

Since its creation in 1982, EUROPAGES has never ceased to evolve and reinvent itself. Formerly a european B2B directory, EUROPAGES has specialized, over the years, in helping small and medium companies, offering them powerful services to help them to get visible online. 30 years later, more than 2 million european companies have joined EUROPAGES, constantly trading, exchanging, and getting new leads through our websites.

Our products and services reflect these changes. Companies can still register on our website ; paying subscriptions allow them to increase their ranking and to translate their content in 15 languages. But we’ve also diversified the webmarketing services we offer : other than your company E*Page, you can now launch you own email marketing campaigns, display ads on our website, or create a catalog of your products to reinforce your online presence. However, this diversification meant that we needed to work on clarifying our positonning, and that what or corporate website is all about !

With a brand new design, our corporate website is now the place to go if you want to learn everything about us, including the latest stats on our services and the unique infographics we produce.


Just take a look !


What do you think ? Is our new website to your liking ?

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