Posted on: 24 July 2013 By: TeamEuropages


Every day, Europages B2B marketing solutions are used by millions of businesses throughout the world. These flexible tools are often used very resourcefully! Today, shows us how a standard corporate website and E*Pages can work together.

We often underscore the fact that E*Pages are designed to act as gateways to our customers’ websites. Each E*Page includes an extensive area for promoting websites, whether these be for showcase or e-commerce purposes. Members with a free subscription may only present their main site, however members with a paid subscription may present up to three sites!

However, few users really leverage the complementary possibilities between websites and E*Pages. For its part, Beliv, a company specialised in prefabricated, turnkey constructions, realised how to make the most of these possibilities. It needed to translate its showcase site into many languages so that it could be contacted by as many people as possible. Consequently, it opted for a corporate website available in French and English, and… an E*Page translated into 15 languages.

And so, rather than proceeding via the long and costly process of translating and adapting its website into 15 other languages, Beliv simply linked its site to the 15 language versions of its E*Page. It thus benefits from a translation service that is unique on the market, performed by professional translators, not machines, and all without having to overhaul the layout of its site. And it continues to benefit from excellent referencing with the various search engines that deliver results in the user’s language!

Visit Beliv’s website.

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