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Presenting your products to an audience of international BtoB buyers is now key to developing your business. Via its latest service, EUROPAGES now lets you easily fill in your Product Pages yourself.

The importance of presenting products on the Web

The Web is your international showcase. Numerous studies highlight the Internet’s significant role at every step in the process for searching and selecting supplier products. International B2B buyers generally begin their search process using a search engine, usually Google and its various language versions, by pre-selecting businesses based on information gleaned from the Web. After this short-listing phase, buyers will contact suppliers or potential partners to obtain more detailed information. Consequently, posting your products catalogue on the Web is a prerequisite to being found for online searches. This structured approach for publishing content online is one of the components of an inbound marketing strategy, where the company lets itself be found by purchasers at the right time, rather than flooding prospects with information that is not necessarily relevant, and often at the wrong time: too soon when the need has yet to emerge, or too late when buyers have already made their purchase!

Your products presented to BtoB buyers

Europages now allows you to publish your products yourself on your E*Page! Structured and optimised by Europages’ SEO experts, your Product Pages benefit from qualified traffic on the Europages site, and are displayed when searches containing the words that you specify are run. Europages visitors mainly comprise international buyers, 72% European, who are looking for – or pre-selecting – partners and suppliers. By making your products available to this targeted group of professionals, you effectively boost your company’s digital presence, as well as increasing your chances of being identified and viewed.

Over to you!

Members with a free subscription to Europages have a secure space where they can publish up to 10 Product Pages. These pages, whose content is structured and optimised for search engine crawlers/indexing robots, can be used to display the following information:

  • A photo/illustration of your product or service
  • The products name and an additional name
  • A detailed description of the product using up to 1,000 characters
  • The product’s URL on your site
  • The product’s category and keywords (to effectively index the product or service)

To make the most of this new service, be sure to describe each of your products/services using the technical terms that correspond to your line of business. Put yourself in a professional buyer’s shoes: which terms would he or she use to search for your product?

For more detailed Product Pages with richer content, a paid subscription with Europages will allow you to add the following information:

  • The product’s technical characteristics, structured via a table
  • The product’s price
  • PDF documents associated with the product
  • A video clip of the product

After publishing your Product Pages, your E*Page is automatically enhanced with a new “Products” tab which visitors can subsequently view.

Log in now to your myEuropages account and present your products to the whole world!

Not yet a Europages member? Register your business for free to benefit from this new service.

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