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The name Rösle has for many years been synonymous with high-end, stainless steel kitchen accessories and utensils. The Bavarian family enterprise, now into its fourth generation of family management, is one of the leading manufacturers in its field. With its “Love – Cook – Live” motto, Rösle is loyal to its corporate culture.

Rösle is renowned for the high quality of its products, and for having successfully combined tradition with the latest trends. Since the 1990s, Rösle has regularly launched new products and broadened its line of products, as with its recent BBQ offering, for example. It has also been distinguished with a number of awards. Some 70 employees work at the company’s headquarters in Marktoberdorf. Characteristic of high-quality German manufacturing standards, most of its products come with a 10-year warranty.

Right from the start, when Karl Theodor founded the business in 1888 (the year of the German three emperors), a spirit of innovation was present. The master tinsmith sought to incorporate modern industrial manufacturing methods into traditional craftsmanship practices, then to develop and improve them. The company initially manufactured roofing components for the building industry, but took a new course in 1903 when it produced an enamel billy-can. Starting in 1910, it began to mass-produce kitchen utensils.

After his early death in 1906, the founder’s sons Karl Gustav and Georg Rösle took over the reins and successfully expanded the enterprise. Other events would also prove to be decisive, such as the introduction of stainless steel in the 1930s, and the invention of the first spoon polishing machine in 1957. In the decade following the Second World War, the company extended and perfected its line of products and household devices for the kitchen. Rösle would always respond astutely to the dual challenge of new manufacturing processes and changing trends by making long-lasting, forward-looking investments.

Over the past 25 years, Rösle has continued to develop its brand image for stainless steel cooking utensils designed both for professional and household uses. Among the leading products are its “open kitchen” system, one-handed chopper, line of pans, assortment of salad bowls and boxes – unique on the market, and the first stainless steel cooking spoon. In the 1990s, the company consolidated its international business orientation and undertook fundamental structural changes. As a result, Rösle products can now be found at Harrods in London, at BHV in Paris, and in a great many other prestigious stores in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Interestingly, they are always presented according to a unique, universal presentation system. In 2000, Grömo GmbH & Co.KG was created independently to focus exclusively on roof accessories. Similarly, in 2004, Rösle GmbH & Co.KG was created for kitchen utensils. At the same time, the company opened its first factory outlet.

The company would also break new ground in terms of processing and hygiene standards with the adoption of a new laser technology previously reserved to automotive manufacturing. As well as widening its range of products, new activities were created: firstly with the launch of bar utensils, then, after 125 years of activity, that of barbecue accessories and utensils. This recent activity appeared under the “BBQ” section of the company’s new Internet site in 2013, alongside the “Kitchen” section, to mark this anniversary year. With its “Love – Cook – Live” motto, Rösle is loyal to its corporate culture, one that combines classic design with novelty, experience with innovation, and an ongoing quest for quality, durability and design.

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