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Popular as personal protective equipment, across different sectors including automotive, pharmaceuticals, agriculture etc. industrial glove market was valued at $4,913 million in 2014, confirms a study by “Allied Market Research”. The same study indicates that the market will generate $9,775 million by 2020.

Furthermore several industry experts are of the faith that, rising concerns over staff safety as well as the need for maintaining sanitary conditions have been highly responsible for the growing use of these gloves at workplaces. So, eyeing the increasing adoption rate, manufacturers have been embracing developments and effective marketing strategies to position their products successfully in the crowded marketplace. What are industrial glove manufacturing companies doing different to be in the race?

Today, industrial glove brands are determined to provide high conventionality level when it comes to hand protection, yet fulfill all regulatory needs. Recently, a famous brand Aquila® introduced its RE05F cut level 5. Best suited for arduous conditions in metal fabrication plant, routine handling of oiled equipment, recycling plants and others the brand has lured several buyers and the list is still growing. Early this year (February 26, 2015) Ringers Gloves, a prominent market player of high – performance gloves, had launched two new products: R-169 & R-179. Appropriate for range of industries and tasks, these gloves have stunned many manufacturers with its two cuff options.

Industrial glove manufacturers are also coming together to show their co-operation, and fulfil the growing cut- protection and customer – preferred features. Companies that were in news due to their decision to co-operate includes DuPont™ Kevlar® and Seiz GmbH; Ansell Limited; Ontario Glove and Safety Inc. and many others. Major glove manufacturers are further seen raising funds to expand their presence in Asian countries such as China, India and others. Leading the race are companies such as Sri Lanka headquartered Dipped Products PLC, Beringea, Vibram and others. Taking a closer look at the impact industrial glove line are creating, these brands have and wish to debut new styles incorporating advanced technology.

On the other hand, both bulky and ill fitted industrial gloves with limited application are now things of the past. Functional requirements of the buyers have persuaded manufacturers to concentrate more on the designs and material of the gloves. True, without creativity and the application of advance technology, glove manufacturers would have to struggle hard to match up with today’s competitive market.

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