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Which ten European countries imported the most during the first five months of 2014? Eurostat provides the answer with figures just published on the EU’s 28 member countries.

Beyond question, first place among the top European importers goes to Germany, way ahead of its challengers, according to figures published in August by Eurostat (EU Statistical Office). For the period January to May 2014, German imports totalled €381 billion, up 3% compared to the same period last year.

Germany’s challengers are not quite playing in the same league: France takes second place, with imports totalling (a mere) €211 billion, the UK comes in third with €204 billion, followed by the Netherlands (€184 billion), Italy (€149 billion), Belgium (€142 billion) and Spain (€111 billion). At the bottom of the top ten ranking countries, with exports below the €100 billion mark, are Poland (€67 billion), Austria (€57 billion) and Sweden (€50 billion).

Concerning the biggest suppliers of the EU’s 28 members, three countries stand above the rest: China, with €116 billion in exports for the period January to May 2014, followed by the US and Russia, each with €82 billion. Romania is the European country that has progressed the most (8% growth compared with January-May 2013), followed by Poland and the Czech Republic (each with 7% growth). These Central European countries would thus appear to be attractive.

Imports of products that are on the increase include food products (up 2%), chemicals (up 4%) and other manufactured products (up 3%).

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