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In this digital age, companies cannot do without thinking about the digital transition of their business. This unavoidable issue particularly concerns the sales dimension, and even more so in the current context. However, equipping sales representatives with digital tools is not simply a matter of giving them a tablet and a smartphone. Here is our advice on how to equip your sales reps and help them go digital.

1 – Provide the necessary equipment

Before seeking to digitise your sales techniques by adopting new digital tools, it is essential to ensure that the IT tools available are capable of supporting it. Indeed, software that is useful for operating digitally often requires high-performance tools.

First of all, you must therefore review your computer equipment at different levels:

  • Desktop computers
  • Mobile tools: laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Servers

All hardware must be capable of supporting the infrastructure created to manage this new mode of operation.


2 – Provide the appropriate digital tools

Digitalising the commercial function can take many different forms and there are many digital tool packs for commercial companies on the market.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

A must for digitising your business is mobile CRM software. A CRM application allows sales representatives to:

  • Track their customer portfolio thanks to visit reports
  • Send quotes and invoices automatically
  • Inform and follow-up customers
  • Detect new sales opportunities
  • Sell complementary products and services
  • Monitor activity and easily set up action plans…

CRM usually compiles all the important information into a dashboard so that sales reps can keep a constant eye on key indicators.

The virtual workspace

With sales teams always on the move, it is particularly interesting to allow them to exchange in real time via a collaborative workspace.

This type of platform makes it possible to fluidify remote exchanges, in particular by allowing:

  • Share documents on a secure interface
  • Create instant discussion groups
  • Generate task lists or project follow-up…

This tool allows everyone to save time by following the team’s work in real time. The collaborative workspace also allows the sales team members to stay connected, even when they are geographically distant.

The expense claim management application

This is not a scoop; salespeople are often on the move and one of their daily tasks is to enter expense reports. Travel, restaurant, hotel… They regularly have expenses to declare, which is time with no added value.

As long as they have a Smartphone or an adapted tablet, it is possible to opt for an expense management application. No more e-mailing, so they can declare their expenses as they go, and everything is centralised directly in an interface that can be accessed by human resources.

This type of application allows everyone to save precious time that can be used for activities that represent real added value for the company.


3 – Sales staff training

Making tools accessible is interesting, but the relevance of the operation is greatly diminished if the sales staff do not know how to use them. Worse still, they may feel totally helpless and demotivated if they are unable to take the tools in hand. It is therefore essential to train them to make the most of these new tools.

Initial training

Before deploying the chosen digital tools, it is essential to train the personnel who will be using them. This may be face-to-face training on the company’s premises or distance learning, but it is important that everyone can ask questions and get immediate answers in order to become familiar with the tools.

Continuous training

It is also interesting to ensure that resources are made available that allow everyone to find a specific procedure. Indeed, even with initial training, it is quite possible to forget certain IT procedures when they are used only very rarely. On the other hand, digital tools undergo regular updates, which should be explained systematically to avoid problems.


If it is essential to take the digital turn, it is better not to rush. A well-thought-out strategy, well-chosen tools and appropriate implementation are the keys to success. And don’t forget to help your employees by implementing a real digital marketing strategy: this will make the work of your sales staff easier thanks to contact with clients and prospects.


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