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An air of panic has struck the enclosed world of Web specialists! American giant Google, almighty owner of the world’s most popular search engine, is continuing to enhance its renowned algorithm that determines the most relevant search results. The latest algorithm update, called Penguin, has downgraded a number of sites considered to be of little interest to users. Some of these sites believe that they have been unfairly treated and, as a result, are looking for someone to blame. Question: is Europages one of these sites that downgrades the referencing of its clients?

Referencing “link farms”

Among the measures Google has adopted to improve its search engine, Penguin in particular targets “link farms”. A link farm is a site whose sole purpose is to gather a very large number of links to other websites. Given that with Google, each link to a website increases that site’s credibility, certain unscrupulous webmasters have seen these “farms” as a cheap, straightforward solution for improving the ranking of their other sites.

Bad news! These farms are now under scrutiny by Google, who is out to penalise them! Webmasters who trusted these “farms” – and who often coined in their links – are now seeing their Google results downgraded. And they are making a lot of noise about it, even if it means accusing the wrong people.

Europages is neither a directory nor a content farm

In fact, online directories function in a similar way to link farms. By identifying names, sites or businesses, they centralise thousands of links; this puts them on a similar footing to the much denounced “link farms”.

However, let us make ourselves perfectly clear: Europages ceased to be a directory the day it abandoned its paper version many years ago. In no way is it concerned by these measures that target “link farms”. The companies listed on Europages have their own personal space in which they can showcase their activity and their products using a wide range of content: videos, images, text, keywords, etc. This “rich” content is precisely the kind of content that Google prefers, and it is this content that allows us to give our customers such excellent results.

Rather than giving in to irrational behaviour, Europages is there to help you make a fully informed decision. Your listing on Europages means you automatically benefit from a tool for measuring the results of your listing: myStats. myStats is a completely private space that retrieves data on your E*Page. It allows you to observe – whenever you like – the number of visits to your E*page on Europages, and the number of clicks made from Europages to your company website, among others. It is completely transparent and, what’s more, it is free!

You thus have the means with which to evaluate us, and your decision is yours alone. What will it be?

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