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With more than 82 million inhabitants, the German market is the biggest in Europe. Representing Europe’s number 1 economy, and number 4 in the world behind the US, China and Japan, Germany is the world’s leader in such sectors as the environment, machine tools, energy, and agri-food, among others. 10 industry sectors presently offer excellent opportunities for going into business on the German market.

3rd in the world for import-export. With a GDP of €2,707 billion in 2013, and a per capita GDP of €31,760, Germany retains its position as Europe’s number 1 economy, and number 4 in the world. The outward-looking federal republic is presently the world’s 3rd third largest exporter behind China and the US. Germany is also the world’s 3rd largest importer of goods. As Germany’s preferred partner, France was its biggest customer in 2013, and its 3rd biggest supplier, behind the Netherlands and China, and ahead of the US.
3.7 million SMEs. With 3.7 million small and medium-sized enterprises that employ 60% of the nation’s employees, and that account for 40% of its GDP, SMEs rule in Germany. They are characterised by their strong industrial specialisation, especially in mechanical equipment, automotive, chemistry, electronic & electrical equipment, and agri-food. Germany is also world leader in the environment, machine tools, energy and building industries.
10 promising sectors. Ubifrance and the CCIFA (French Chamber of commerce and industry in Germany) have identified 10 promising sectors for going into business on the German market:

  1. Car manufacturing. Germany is home to 7 car manufacturers, and thousands of original equipment manufacturers and subcontractors.
  2. Civil and military aeronautics.
  3. Rail.
  4. Machine tools.
  5. Agri-food. Germany has become a giant in this sector, and supplies a huge consumer market in central and eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary). Discover the German firms working in the Agri-Food sector on Europages.
  6. Mobile telephony.
  7. Wind and solar energy.
  8. Spirits.
  9. Home & interior decoration.
  10. Plastic processing.

Go ahead and register your business on Europages if you want German companies seeking your products to find and contact you! In 2013, more than 2 million searches were performed on Europages by German professionals working in these promising industry sectors.

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