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A study has been published by French firm CSA (“Consumer Science & Analytics”, devoted to opinion polling and market studies) with WonderLeon, a group of French start-up companies, to assess French start-ups’ recruitment of international talent.

The study finds that close to one quarter of employees of small start-ups with less than 20 employees are foreigners. This share of “international talent” rises to 40% when French staff with more than 2 years’ foreign work experience are included.

International talent is prized by start-ups

More than one third of staff are foreign, the study says, among “scale-ups” members of the French business group. French start-ups and scale-ups are seeking both highly qualified foreign recruits and French ones with significant international experience (“international talent”). The study says that what international recruitment is looking for is people speaking different languages, knowing other cultures.

As the company grows in size, it says, these “international talents” work more in sales jobs. 86 % of international talent working in companies belonging to this grouping, work in sales.

More international talent among staff also brings innovative capacity : the study says 96% of managers say they have a positive impact on the companies’ life, culture and growth. One of the managers belonging to WorldLeon told France Info that employees with “international backgrounds are more open-minded. They are more savvy.”

But….how to attract them?

However, nearly 80% of managers surveyed by the study think it is difficult to attract international talent in France. One start-up manager quoted by France Info sums up the situation “We have no argument today to persuade a Frenchman earning   dollars/year in California to return to this country. If he already has a reason for returning to France, he will be persuaded….but we are not the main factor”.

According to the study, French start- and scale-ups rely primarily on their own attractiveness as a work-place, to attract international talent. Their corporate culture is the principal incentive they put forward, while only 12% put forward the  financial incentive. It says nine out of ten international talents currently working in France plan to stay there, half of which hope to stay for at least six years.

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