Posted on: 24 July 2013 By: TeamEuropages

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The latest version of the Europages site introduces the new, improved E*Pages, now more accessible, and especially more eye-catching. They represent the key to making listed companies visible both on Europages and especially on the web. So how should you go about getting the most from this tool?

The E*Page is often the main device via which Europages customers promote their business. Benefiting from excellent indexing by most search engines, the E*Page needs to be optimally highlighted, as this is where visitors usually see a business first before moving on to its corporate website (if it has one!). So, how should you go about not only conveying a positive image of your business, but also giving it that “little bit extra” to set it apart from the rest? Here is a close-up on three businesses that have made full use of this tool.

• Ydelle: has a text (in French) that is well written and that is focused on the service, not on the company itself. Ydelle, which specialises in aluminium joinery, in particular windows and door windows,  has chosen to highlight not only its business, but also an online service. Its website thus includes an innovative tool that allows potential customers to define their joinery projects online, before initiating an order. With its written text, which does more than merely list keywords, and by promoting the values that set it apart from the competition, Ydelle has deployed an intelligent and pertinent e-marketing strategy!

• Tente: an integrated SlideShare brochure – what a brilliant idea! Tente, European leader for wheels and casters, opted to complete its comprehensive E*Page with an online brochure that uses the SlideShare presentation site. On the second page of videos, visitors can thus view the company’s entire catalogue, in addition to its product pages.

• Fortwenger:a well-crafted video that demonstrates its expertise. Alsatian spice bread manufacturer Fortwenger presents its activity via an extremely attractive video. The video presents the creation of its gingerbread men by showing the entire production line, from baking the pastry to packing the final product. With animated characters and explicit subtitles, the viewer immediately understands the different production phases and rigourous process, all with a touch of fun. And without a big budget!

All told, E*Pages are a flexible medium. It is up to the businesses to bring them to life by adding multimedia content, and by attentively presenting their activity and expertise. The most important point to bear in mind is that these E*Pages are often the first point of contact between themselves and a potential customer. Once a visitor’s attention is caught, the hardest part is already done.

If you are wondering how an E*Page could help your company, why not register with us for free and see for yourself?

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