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This crew of British web site builders and developers who set up “Websitebuilder” to help smaller businesses compare website builders to set up their own websites, published a blog article in April which provides a mass of data on the use of video online, with a focus on using it for marketing.

They look at the development of the use of videos uploaded and shared on the internet, over the past twenty years, and assess how using video in your marketing and sales work on the web today can help you increase sales.

The presentation is in the form of a continuous web page with clear understandable concise texts illustrated with simple graphics, each showing data concerning the use of video in online marketing. Unfortunately this format does not enable sourcing each of the many pieces of data individually, but it contains a long list of sources at the end.

Astronomical growth of online video since 1995, due to continue

They retrace the “timeline” of the development of online video uploading, streaming and sharing, from 1995, until Youtube achieved the watershed of a billion views per day in 2009. They look at the demographics of online video viewing, noting that almost twice as many men view videos online than women, and the main age bracket for viewers is 25-34 year-olds in the US.

Considering the “growth of online video”, Websitebuilder quotes the figure of 42.5 billion hours of video streamed worldwide by Netflix in 2015 (about 4.8 million years!). They say “video in social media marketing increases sharing ten times”. The presentation predicts that in 2020 “for every second , a million minutes of video will be on internet”

Advertising industry embraces online video marketing

Spending on video advertising in the US increased by 67% between 2015 and 2017, it is projected to increase by 111% between this year and 2020, Websitebuilder quotes figures as saying.  They provide various figures showing that “conversion” (the transformation of website visitors into paying customers) increases with the use of video marketing, particularly in e-commerce. They also say more and more videos are viewed in the US on mobile devices rather than computers.

Data suggest the ideal length of a marketing video online is less than 30 seconds, while most views occur between 12 and 5PM.

Using videos in email marketing is common practice among 42% of retailers, their figures show. P&O, the British Cruise company, increased their bookings by a whopping 950%, they say, when they started using videos in their email marketing.

Another example is French luxury group LVMH, which it says reached 91 million views on Youtube, where it has 141 000 subscribers.

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