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In today’s environment where online searches are increasingly performed using mobile devices, EUROPAGES has developed a mobile version of all the content of the businesses listed on its site: there is now a mobile-friendly version of the E*Pages and Product Pages in 26 languages. Read on.

Mobile internet use is simply unavoidable

It’s a fact: few sites are actually optimised for mobile device viewing whereas mobile devices are increasingly used to browse the Internet. EUROPAGES observed a 44.3% increase in mobile traffic on its website between 2015 and 2016*, with a total 8.8 million mobile unique visitors in 2016, versus 6.1 million the previous year. Today, mobile traffic on EUROPAGES represents 26% of the total number of unique visitors, compared to 22% in 2015. Optimising website content for mobile has thus become unavoidable. Is your company’s website optimised for mobile devices? Test it on Google’s purpose-built application.

The attitude adopted by mobile device users concerning websites that do not offer a responsive design is a factor not to be underestimated. If a website’s content is not adapted to their mobile device, 79% of mobile surfers will move on to another site to find what they are looking for! 52% of people polled claim that a bad mobile experience impacts their view of the company behind the site (study conducted by Experience Dynamics). Furthermore, a Google study reveals that more than half (51%) of smartphone users claim to have found a new company or product via a search performed on their smartphone.

Pages optimised for mobile devices

In the light of these developments, Europages has developed pages adapted to mobile use (E*Pages, Product Pages, News). The underlying idea is the same: boosting the online visibility of SMEs that do not necessarily have either the time or resources to adapt their website. As a result, their content is easily accessible using a mobile device… and available in 26 languages!

A number of changes have thus been made to our E*Pages and Product Pages:

  • Last revised in 2014, the site’s design has been updated and the graphics pared down for greater simplicity.
  • Whenever a company posts a news item or chooses a cover image on its site, the result is instantly optimised for mobile devices; no additional action is required by the company. Everything is done automatically: the company benefits from a mini-mobile site available in 26 languages.
  • The mobile version of the Product Pages now offers the same level of functionality as the standard version; the focus has been placed on the company description and on the display of the products’ characteristics.

Also to be noted: inside their “myEUROPAGES” secure space, the companies listed on EUROPAGES will find widgets which they can install on their website. These widgets redirect mobile users to their EUROPAGES pages optimised for mobile use, in different languages.

You too can benefit from visibility optimised for mobile devices! Register your business with Europages!


* source: Europages/Adobe Analytics, data from 2015 and 2016 aggregated at the end of October.

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