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Demande devis RFQ Europages

Europages has just launched a new online Request For Quote service, available in English and French. Requests received are examined by the B2B site’s moderating team, then forwarded to a selection of Europages member companies. Read on.

Thousands of requests for quotes. Every month, visitors to our website send thousands of messages to companies listed on Europages: requests for information, partnership proposals, requests for quotes, and so on. Our Europages teams thus decided to conduct an analysis on a sizeable sample of anonymised messages. One conclusion to emerge is that, on the whole, visitors do not formulate their requests for quotes well. Many elements – which the recipient needs in order to provide a suitable response – are often missing. Problems observed include: failure to specify a preferred delivery date, product specifications that are insufficiently detailed, inaccuracies concerning International Commercial Terms, etc. All of which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the recipient company to respond, while at the same time undermining the credibility of those who issue the requests.

Based on these observations and following interviews conducted with its member companies, Europages has set up a new service to make it easier to establish and send structured requests for quotes.

As a visitor, up until now you would probably search for suppliers using the Europages search engine before sending a request. From now on, Europages will forward your requests to a selection of listed companies (up to 10).

A 5-step process. The idea is straightforward: rather than contacting one or more companies listed on Europages by webmail, visitors can fill in a structured form to precisely define their needs. The request process comprises the following 5 steps:

  1. You click the “Submit your request” button on a result page. By clicking this button, you are taken to the new service for submitting requests for quotes.
  2. You create your request. You can either use our RFQ templates predefined by sector containing structured information, or create your own request via our standard form. The actual Request For Quote is created in pdf format, and contains the following sections: your profile, the request title, a detailed description, the request date, details about the delivery, the budget range, and additional information (packaging, requisite norms/standards, means of payment, attached image, etc.). When using a standard form, you must specify whether you seek a product, service or equipment.
  3. The moderating team examines your request. The Europages team checks your requirements and makes sure that the request for quote is genuine, i.e. that it does not correspond to spam or canvassing.
  4. Potential suppliers are selected. The team selects companies that correspond to the requirements expressed. Priority will be given to Premium Europages members.
  5. Your Request For Quote is sent. Once the request has been approved, it is sent to a selection of registered Europages companies (maximum: 10).

Eight pre-selected sectors. Eight major sectors have been selected with fields specific to each sector:

  • Agriculture and Food Processing
  • Raw Materials
  • Translation
  • Packing and Packaging
  • Machines, Robots and Equipment
  • Creation and Design
  • Textiles
  • Transport

Certain sectors have sub-categories. Thus, for example, Agriculture-Food Processing offers the following subcategories: Eggs, fruit & vegetables; Agricultural raw products; Livestock; Food products; Plants, horticultural products.

Obviously, if your line of business does not fall within these eight categories, a customizable form (Other) is available.

Beta version of this new feature. This new RFQ (Request For Quote) feature is a Beta version that will be enhanced based on subsequent user feedback.

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