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Europages has been acquired by German investment fund Paragon Partners, which also owns the “Wer liefert was” (WLW) German B2B online marketplace. The alliance between these two leaders will lead to a range of B2B digital solutions on Europe’s growth markets. This means that Europages’ customers will benefit from even greater visibility and a level of traffic beyond compare. Read on.

Creation of the leading European B2B network. The upshot of the alliance between these two leading players for B2B digital solutions is a collective mesh of websites that attracts some 3.5 million professional visitors every month. Whether it be buyers looking for suppliers, or decision-makers looking for partners, the combined audience of these two leading players is resolutely B2B.

Europages brings the alliance its striking power in terms of the number of listed suppliers (some 2.5 million), domains and linguistic skills (26 domains in 26 languages). For its part, WLW, created in 1995 and the leading site of its kind in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, brings 4 million online products. Together, the two sites thus amount to:

  • 3.5 million visitors per month
  • 29 domains and 26 language versions
  • 3 million referenced suppliers
  • 4.1 million products

Europe, the hub of exchange between SMEs. Europe remains the leading destination for exports by European SMEs: 81% of businesses that exported in the last three years did so to an EU country (see are article on this topic).

Europages and Wer liefert was (literally, “Who supplies what”) have joined forces in order to build on the scope of intra-European exchange. The group now offers its members unrivalled online visibility in Europe, at the core of SMEs’ inbound marketing strategies.

The two companies have been working together since April 2014, and thus know each other well. Europages offers its proven knowledge of European markets, and WLW its B2B marketplace leader position among German-speaking buyers.

New B2B services. Europages customers will benefit from increased online visibility in German-speaking countries, chief among them Germany, i.e. the privileged business partner for all European SMEs. All of which will promote opportunities for developing business at the very heart of Europe, on markets with high purchasing power and a low risk of outstanding payments.

To learn more about these new export opportunities for your business contact Europages.

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