Posted on: 24 July 2013 By: TeamEuropages


If you visited our site this weekend, you may not have immediately recognised it as Europages! Having undergone only one minor revision in 5 years, this time the site has been given a complete makeover, adopting a design that is more modern, more fresh, and above all more practical for the thousands of people that use it every day. At the heart of this new version lies the importance given to multimedia content, with faster access to that which makes Europages such as successful tool for the businesses that use it: the E*Pages and product sheets.

E*Pages that reveal their full potential

The new E*Pages pack a visual punch. Images now take the lion’s share, obviously with the company logo and photos of its products, but also with the most eye-catching computer graphics, icons and maps we have seen so far. The content has also been reorganised. The E*Page has become a veritable landing page: this should encourage visitors to go to the product pages, and thus improve the return on investment for Europages customers! The results page has also been reconsidered. Now better positioned on the home page, the search functions show more condensed previews of the E*Pages and make it easier to click out to customer websites. Searching by product is now more intuitive, and the resulting products are displayed in a cascade with a much stronger visual impact!

Find and contact businesses even more easily

Furthermore, the search by theme functionality has been improved to provide an overview of the activities performed by the companies listed. The guided search function is now more attractive and more intuitive, and features visibly on the home page, describing in detail the various sub-sectors represented on the site. Lastly, the results page offers an added bonus for professionals looking to contact other businesses: users can now add businesses to a “basket” that is retained for the duration of their visit, before validating it whenever necessary. This represents a highly useful feature for anyone wanting to obtain a quote from several service providers at the same time, thereby promoting competition.

Still not won over? Create an account for your business for free and set up your first multimedia E*Page in your field of activity.

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