Posted on: 17 July 2015 By: TeamEuropages


Within the energy sector, Europe remains a major player in terms of global electricity production, especially for renewable energies. Based on a report by @Enerdata, here are the 6 key trends on the global energy market.

  1. Energy: BRICS out in front. Whether for production or imports, the BRICS members dominate overall. These countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) represent 35% of the world’s primary energy production, with China well ahead of the rest. China is also the leading importer of energy, while India ranks 4th behind Japan and the US, but with a 12% increase in its imports for 2013.
  2. Crude oil: the weight of Asia. Production in the Middle Eastern countries is on a downward trend, while Asian countries have increased their imports substantially. In 2013, Asian countries imported nearly twice as much as their European counterparts.
  3. Natural gas: importing countries in Europe. While the US and Russia represent the world’s two leading producers of natural gas, their biggest customers are the European countries. Among the top 10 ranking countries for gas imports in 2013 are Germany, France, the UK and Spain (see our interactive map of searches performed per country in the field of energy and raw materials).
  4. Coal: China in the lead. Whether for production or imports, China holds a clear lead, representing 45% of the world’s coal production. In 2013, India, the second-ranking coal importer, increased its coal imports by 30%. Germany, meanwhile, ranks sixth.
  5. Electricity: China becomes a net importer. For the first time in 20 years, China has become a net importer of electricity. In Asia, the growth rate in net imports of electricity has increased tenfold in just 4 years. Two European countries rank among the top 10 global electricity producers: Germany and France.
  6. Renewable energies: Europe the leading producer. In Europe, the share of renewable energies accounts for 28% of electricity production, driven by leading countries such as Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

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