Posted on: 3 June 2014 By: TeamEuropages


Over the last year, EUROPAGES has produced a dozen of infographics assessing the strength, weaknesses and the most popular products in given economic sectors. So, are you exporting the right products ? Let’s find out.

At Europages, we’re not afraid to say that we are sitting on data. A lot of data. Over the years, millions of businesses have registered on our website, and tens of millions of users have searched, browsed and contacted businesses all around Europe. When we realized this, we didn’t stay idle ; in fact, we wanted these data to be useful for our customers. This is why every paying susbscription comes with a direct access to a company’s stats on Europages : we strongly believe in transparence.

But still, there was more we could do. These data are not only useful on the small-scale of one business, they are also valuable decision helpers on a global, market-wide scale. So we decided to break them down according to major sectors – textile, construction, agriculture, etc. and to produce infographics so these data can be as clear as possible. They all follow the same structure :

  • How is the sector doing on Europages ?
  • What are the products that companies are looking for when they use Europages ?
  • Where do they come from ?
  • What are the global economic threats weighing on the sector ?

So far, we have produced a dozen of these, and we hope that you will give us your feedback ! Just scroll down, after our team portraits !

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