Posted on: 20 February 2015 By: TeamEuropages

B2B buyers behavior

For every type of business, the internet is a marketing and sales game-changer. B2B buyers have radically changed the way that they operate. It takes ever greater efforts to generate sales.

The typical buyer starts by identifying a need or problem and searching for a solution, then selecting a list of potential suppliers before finally deciding to purchase a solution. McKinsey recently pointed out this major change in professional buyers’ behavior.

In the past, B2B buyers would contact a sales person directly if they wanted to evaluate a solution. Over the past decade, this purchasing cycle has become considerably more complex. Today, the majority of B2B buyers spend a significant amount of time using the internet. The internet offers access to a wealth of information about potential suppliers and solutions. They carry out the vast majority of their searches for information by themselves, long before contacting any potential suppliers. Buyers contact a potential supplier after using the internet to search for almost all the information they need. This means that, today, boosting your online visibility is crucial.

This is a strategy known as inbound marketing, which consists of attracting clients to you instead of using conventional marketing techniques where you go to look for them. It is important to produce quality content for your website that attracts the attention of potential buyers and that is strongly identifiable, indexed by search engines and shared on social media. The objective is to ensure that potential customers find your website and are drawn in by the content.

In this context the EUROPAGES solution is central to effective inbound marketing strategie: B2B marketing solutions from EUROPAGES offer you a gateway to a network of millions of professionals and the guarantee that, at last, you will stand out on the internet.

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