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With the launch of the “e-Trade for all” initiative last July by the Unctad, figures were published that underscore the importance of B2B e-commerce. These figures show that the United States are way ahead in the world’s top ten. Detailed figures.

B2B sales far outweigh B2C sales. According to the figures provided by the Unctad (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), global sales made via e-commerce in 2015 accounted for a total $22,000 billion. Sales associated with B2B e-commerce alone came in at $20,000 billion, compared to only $2,000 billion for B2C e-commerce!! This underscores just how important it is to promote e-commerce in developing countries that are still lagging behind. These countries include Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico or Thailand, where no more than 2% of the population buy online.

See the Unctad’s video on B2B e-commerce in developing countries (duration: 3 mins 57 secs).

The B2B e-commerce top ten. The Unctad provides a chart of the top ten countries for B2B e-commerce sales in 2015. The United States ranks first with a total $6,000 billion, way ahead of Japan and China. Out of a total $15,000 billion in 2015 sales among the top ten countries, the ranking is as follows (figures rounded in dollars):

  1. United States: 6,000 billion
  2. Japan: 2,400 billion
  3. China: 2,000 billion
  4. South Korea: 969 billion
  5. Germany: 966 billion
  6. United Kingdom: 709 billion
  7. Russia: 700 billion
  8. France: 600 billion
  9. India: 300 billion
  10. Brazil: 110 billion

China has the most online buyers. Based on another criterion, i.e. the number of online buyers, China comes out on top, well ahead of the United States, with a total 413 million buyers, versus “only” 166 million buyers for the USA. Japan ranks third with 57 million online buyers. However, based on the average annual online spend criterion, the United States is back to number one position, with a total $3,000 per buyer, versus $1,500 per buyer for China.

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