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Visuel Sales Brochure

The B2B environment is increasingly digital and international. For SMEs, the challenge is to be visible to buyers who are looking for – or selecting – products, solutions and partners. Europages offers innovative solutions to SMEs looking to export successfully. Thanks to Europages, they can lay the foundations of their international inbound marketing strategy. See our 2016 range of B2B digital solutions.

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The behaviour of B2B buyers and the way in which they search for products have changed considerably in recent years.
The Internet has come to represent the most important source of information during the procurement process. Whether during the exploratory phase or the final supplier selection phase, using the Internet is now the norm. Buyers proceed on the basis of search engine results to establish a short-list of suppliers.

This widespread use of the Web can only increase: many of today’s managers working in purchasing/procurement are digital natives. Fully familiar with the digital environment, they often associate a supplier’s potential quality with its digital presence…

In this context, the challenge for SMEs is to step up their online presence in order to be easily found whenever someone searches for their activities, products or solutions on the Internet. This in turn will allow them to benefit from new business opportunities since international trade, once reserved to major corporations, is now readily accessible to SMEs thanks to the Internet.

Having said that, most SMEs have neither the time nor the internal skills to embark on an international inbound marketing strategy.

Visuel Sales Brochure_AlternativeEuropages’ offer specifically responds to these challenges and constraints to boost the digital visibility of SMEs on their national market or throughout Europe.

Download the 2016 brochure of Europages B2B solutions.

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