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Facebook is an amazing selling tool these days. Your audience is enormous, and you’re able to let fans share your sales and products with all their friends. You’ve got to be on Facebook if you’re selling.

If you’re already on there though, you know you’re up against some stiff competition. Here’s how you can improve your Facebook sales and get yourself out there online.

  1. Engage With Your Audience First

Before you do anything else, you’ve got to be engaging with your audience. ‘Talk to your audience, and reply when they send messages to you’ says marketer Kayleigh Jones from UK Services Reviews. ‘Engaging with them creates confidence in your brand.’ The more you interact with your audience, the more they will trust you.

  1. Schedule Posts For The Right Time

The time of day that you post is important, as you want to get maximum attention. The best time for you will depend on your audience. Maybe it’s early morning for parents, or after 5pm for commuters. Find out what time is best for you, and schedule your posts to go up then. A tool like Post Planner or Buffer is the best for doing this.

  1. Write Excellent Content

Every post can’t be explicitly selling something, or you’ll turn readers off. Instead, create fun, useful and relatable content, in order to give your readers content that they’ll enjoy reading and sharing. The more they share your content, the further it’ll spread. Sites like Revieweal can help you create compelling content.

  1. Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Speaking of getting your content shared, you need to keep an eye on what’s trending right now. If you can work viral trends into your content, then you have a higher chance of getting it shared around. The more people see you, the more you can sell through Facebook.

  1. Create Catchy Headlines

The best posts start with a good headline, to bring the readers in. You’ll need to create a catchy headline that encourages readers to stop scrolling, and see what you have to say. A service like Top Canadian Writers will be able to help you do this for your content.

  1. Use Excellent Photos

While Facebook uses both text and images, it’s the images that will grab the attention of your followers. ‘Take the time to get good photos of your products, and post them on your page’ says SMM manager Katie Peel from Australian Reviewer. ‘A good image says a lot about your product, before the reader even gets to the text.’

  1. Check Your Grammar

If you’re writing Facebook content, you need to ensure your grammar is top notch. It makes your posts easier to read, and shows that you’re professional. Anyone who posts without checking their writing shows themselves to not care about the details. Use the grammar checker at UK Top Writers, and grammar guides at State Of Writing to keep yours up to scratch.

  1. Get More Likes

To spread the word, you’re going to need more ‘likes’ on your page. If you’re just starting out, this can seem like a tall order. It’s not as hard as it seems, though. Ask friends and family to give you those first ‘likes’, and then ask them to share your page. The more it’s shared, the more sales you’ll get.

  1. Run A Contest

It’s very easy to run a competition on Facebook, and it’s a great way to raise awareness and bring in more sales. The best way to do this is to ask people to enter by commenting on a post or picture of yours, and ‘liking’ your page. It’ll bring in more potential customers and show more people what you can offer.

  1. Buy Ads

Ads on Facebook are powerful. Try buying some to see how far you can spread the word of your products. It’s amazing how much business you can bring in, even as a small business. You don’t even need to spend that much to get a really effective ad, either.

These 10 tips will help you get more sales than you’d ever dreamed of on Facebook. Take the time to nurture your online business, and you’ll go far.

Rrachel_summersachel Summers is a social media manager for Boom Essays, a leading writing service, as well as many other services. She’s been working for seven years helping businesses create and manage their social media presence.

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