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With most of our staff specialized in web marketing, development and customer support, our team is dedicated to bringing you the best for your business.

  • B2B online Strategy
  • Back-end Development
  • Web Application Projets
  • Datamining
  • Customer Support
  • UX Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • Frontend Development
  • Mobile UI
  • Communication design
  • Search Engine Development
  • Product Design
  • Web Analytics
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Sales
  • Content Curation
  • Sales Development
  • SEO
  • IT Team Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Content Translation
  • Vanessa Lemonnier Da Silva
    Vanessa Lemonnier Da Silva

    Internet Site Production Manager

    Vanessa arrived at EUROPAGES early in 2009. After obtaining a BTS in Business Management through an internship programme and training as a webmaster, she worked for Meetic for 5 years, first as an integrator, then as a team leader. She then held posts as Manager of the webmaster centre for 3 years, managing a team of 10 integrators and coordinating web projects.

    Vanessa is responsible for coordinating web projects across the various EUROPAGES departments (production, sales, marketing, etc.), and centralises their online posting and quality control aspects.

  • Didier Bonnet
    Didier Bonnet

    Development Team Manager

    Didier Bonnet was hired by EUROPAGES in 2004, and originally worked as its Applications Manager. He is now Development Manager and heads a team of engineers and developers.

    Having trained as a Computer Networks, Systems and Multimedia engineer at CNAM, he cut his spurs working for a number of IT services companies as a new technologies Engineer or Consultant. His years working at Atos Worldline, primarily for one of their major accounts, "Les Echos – electronic publishing division" are particularly relevant to EUROPAGES.

  • Eric Hobein
    Éric Hobein

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Eric Hobein joined EUROPAGES at the end of 2006. He holds Business Administration Diploma (DESS CAAE) from the IAE in Paris, and previously worked in operational marketing and market research, primarily for the French betting organisation, PMU, where he was responsible for marketing information system and surveys.

    At EUROPAGES, his role is split between developing the decision-making information system to provide the sales force and partners the information they require for their activity and conducting marketing surveys, data mining and web analytics. His role is to turn this data to competitive advantage.

  • Laetitia Bauducel
    Laetitia Bauducel

    Project Manager and Catalogue Manager

    Laetitia has a double Master's degree in English, Management and Economics and Advertising Marketing. She started her career in international marketing in a variety of sectors such as cosmetics in France and metallurgy in Germany. After working for twelve months in advertising at Proximity BBDO, she moved over to the web when she arrived at EUROPAGES in 1999.

    Laetitia has actively worked on the design and management of web sites and applications for 12 years. She designs new products and is instrumental in developing existing sites in synergy with the ergonomist, graphic artist and production teams, formalising operational targets and championing consistency across projects.

  • Natalie Lanham Parker
    Natalie Lanham Parker

    Technical and Commercial Support Manager

    Natalie Lanham-Parker joined EUROPAGES in 2005 after 3 years at Cleverdis as its Editorial Coordinator and Layout Artist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce & Economy from Kwazulu-Natal University (South Africa), and previously worked in cultural circles for 8 years as a professional dancer.

    Natalie supervises the technical support and sales team, and the back-office for advertising broker networks in the rest of Europe. She also manages pre-press design, production and follow-up for all communications media.

  • Marianne Mongelard
    Marianne Mongelard

    Moderation Manager

    After exploring the work in a number of sectors (social, hotel and catering), Marianne Mongelard worked for Sivea – JWP, a computer equipment sales company for 13 years, before joining EUROPAGES in 1996.

    Being Dutch, Marianne has benefited from multilingual training and has held many jobs in the company within the Marketing, Production and Sales departments. Marianne has particular responsibility for the free members whom she advises and counsels on explanations Internet visibility optimisation, on the strength of her intimate knowledge of EUROPAGES products and workings.

  • Eric Bougeard
    Éric Bougeard

    Administrative and Finance Manager

    Eric Bougeard has been with EUROPAGES since 1998. He started out as Customer Accounts Manager and moved up through the ranks within the Finance department, rising to manager at the end of 2010.

    Eric originally trained as an accountant and has an advanced diploma in Business Management. He has multi-sector experience (banking, insurance, real-estate, temporary employment) and also worked for 5 years at Carrefour as a Department Manager.

    He currently organises the preparation and drawing up of accounting statements and follows up the various company contracts to guarantee the security of the EUROPAGES infrastructures.

  • Waldemar Ruka
    Waldemar Ruka

    Overseas Sales & Development Manager

    Waldemar Ruka joined Europages in 2000. At first a sales manager, he’s now in charge of international sales and partnerships, coordinating Europages’ trade partners in 20 European countries.

    Waldemar has an international background, with a polish bachelor of arts in engineering, an English computer science formation and a Master’s degree in finance in London. He’s had a long career in selling new technology products. He’s fluent in several languages, including Polish, English and Russian.

More people behind the scene; dynamic field sales teams in Belgium and France as well as a Telesales team and privileged partners in over 20 European countries, make EUROPAGES one of the best B2B platforms throughout Europe.

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