For more than 30 years, EUROPAGES has helped small businesses to find and get found on the European market. Not only the largest B2B directory in Europe, but also a web B2B marketing solutions provider, EUROPAGES has constantly reinvented itself to offer its customers efficient marketing tools. Based in France, EUROPAGES has built a network of partners in more than 20 European countries.

Our story

  • Mai 2018 : A une étape cruciale de son développement, Julien Poilleux est nommé Directeur Général d'EUROPAGES. Sa mission est de définir, mettre en œuvre et superviser les stratégies de croissance de la société sur son marché en France et à l'international.

  • November 2017: A change of analytics solution to refine results. The EUROPAGES site adopts a new French Web Analytics solution: AT Internet. Visitor numbers to business pages and visitor interactions with the different forms of digital content provided by EUROPAGES clients will be measured in more detail. Clients will therefore have more control over their international online profile.

  • October 2017: The EUROPAGES site is successfully migrated to https, with a fresh increase in traffic recorded for the last quarter: +35% Q4 2017 vs. Q4 2016.

  • September 2017: Highlighting of action buttons on business and products pages. The buttons serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) for our clients. For example, in 2017 our clients counted an average of 46.3 interactions on their business or product pages per week (the results vary depending on their pack).

  • July 2017: We are happy to welcome our new managing director, Anne Schoenbrun, who is taking over at the helm of EUROPAGES. Denis Duran is joining EUROPAGES as Sale Director for French-Speaking Europe and General Director for Benelux.

  • July 2017: Launch of the new mobile version of EUROPAGES. This new version with its faster display contributes to the on-going increase in mobile traffic. The percentage of unique visitors is growing strongly, rising from 24 to 31% between 2016 and 2017. Our many clients who do not have a mobilised website still benefit from visibility on mobile devices thanks to their 100% mobile-friendly EUROPAGES business page.

  • May 2017: wlw clients have access to their myEUROPAGES account. Clients signed up for EUROPAGES multilingual packs can publish content on their business and product pages in the 26 language versions of the pages.

  • April 2017: A sign of our close relationship with parent company "Wer Liefert Was" (wlw.de), EUROPAGES clients (if they have opted for the combined offer) have access to their business page statistics on the EUROPAGES site as well as the wlw site from their myEUROPAGES account.

  • April 2017: The myEUROPAGES account has a brand new feature: clients can enter a different personalised catchphrase for each of the 26 language versions of their business page. This feature serves as a new localisation tool: clients now have the option of adapting their positioning to each of their markets.

  • January 2017: "Wer liefert was", the Europages parent company, acquires a new investor: Capvis. This Swiss investment fund has proven experience in developing mid-size market-leading companies. The main goal of the acquisition is to broaden our product range and step up internationalisation.

  • 2016: German investment fund Paragon partners has acquired EUROPAGES. Paragon Partners is also the parent company for Wer liefert was (wlw), the leading online B2B marketplace in Germany, Austria and Swtizerland. The synergies between wlw and EUROPAGES will strengthen the group's position in the European market.

  • April 2016: A useful new feature for the myEUROPAGES account: EUROPAGES members can now see all their contacts and conversations on a dedicated dashboard.

  • March 2016: Companies can create their online catalogue and their product pages directly in their myEUROPAGES account. Companies also have the option of using the EUROPAGES catalogue-creation service.

  • November 2015: Launch of the free Easy Blogging service: companies can create a news feed on their page, an ideal tool for attracting visitors' attention and creating targeted communications on EUROPAGES.

  • February 2015: Launch of the new covers function. As well as their logo, companies can use their page header as a visual identity tool. They can also customise their catchphrase and choose an image to reflect their positioning and ensure they stand out.

  • January 2015: new product pages launched. Easier to read and with more content and images, EUROPAGES product pages are now better than ever. They are real landing pages that increase click-throughs so that our customers get more visitors and more leads.

  • December 2014: an interactive map to display your potential markets. EUROPAGES uses its Big Data to provide visitors with decision-support tools to help them develop their business internationally.

  • October 2014: launch of the Contacts project. This new service was designed to improve the contact-making process between companies and EUROPAGES visitors. It is now easier for companies to follow up the leads they receive from their business page and product pages. Since the service was launched, over 20,000 visitors have created an account so that they can contact companies.

  • January 2014: EUROPAGES launches version 2 of its mobile site. In just one year, EUROPAGES has increased its mobile page views by 36%. The number of mobile page views/visits has risen by 28%. Another highly effective tool for boosting the profile of companies featured on EUROPAGES.

  • EUROPAGES' website is completely redesigned, with a new search engine and mobile version. The database reaches over 2.5 million companies.

  • EUROPAGES obtains OJD certification and becomes France's leading technical/professional site in terms of online audience. Launch of myEUROPAGES 2.0.

  • Launch of www.europages.mobi, a redesigned version of the website for mobile users.

  • www.europages.com breaks a new record with 5 million monthly visits from 218 countries and a total of 147 million pages viewed.

  • 1.5 million companies listed on EUROPAGES' database.

  • To consolidate its positioning as the European B2B sourcing tool, EUROPAGES becomes exclusively available online.

  • EUROPAGES deploys a B2B call center and a sales force in France and Belgium. www.europages.com gets 2 million monthly visits, with 10 million pages viewed.

  • Company's pages are translated and published in 15 languages.

  • www.europages.com is available in 26 languages : German, English, French, Italian, Danish, Czech, Estonian, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Flemish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese.

  • EUROPAGES integrates a computer-assisted translation tool and establishes a network of professional translators.

  • The EuroTradeLeads B2B marketplace goes online.

  • EUROPAGES is one of the first companies to create a B2B website. www.europages.com can be accessed in 5 languages.

  • EUROPAGES’ directory is published on CD-ROM.

  • Founding of Eurédit (EUROPAGES's former name) and publication of the first paper edition of the EUROPAGES directory.

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